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arle gro . - We are two brothers from the West of Germany. We live in the heart of a former coal mining and steel industry region and we are very glad to just marvel at these old industry complexes which impress you with their massive machines and profan but still smart technic. Our grandparents often told us stories about dirty air making it impossible to dry laundry outside without having them to wash again. But over the past few years there grew up new smokestacks, the smokestacks of waste incineration plants. Again we are polluting our air. Not that we can't dry our laundry outside, - these plants have various filters - but really everybody knows that we have to reduce our Carbon Dioxide emissions drastically. Instead we burn plastic that could have a second, a third, ... life. arle gro . is tired of feeding garbage cans whose waste is then burned to ash - cause plastic is different from the Phoenix. To bring it back to life you have to melt it instead of burning it. You have to... More
BackBO - Circular Economy Hub
BackBO is a circular economy hub based in Bologna that make different projects to achieve the Zero Waste Revolution . Our activities: 1) workshop for plastic upcycling 2) creating new design recycled objects 3) help the events with reusable ecofriendly cups 4) helping the development of circular economy ideas. For more information please contact us [email protected]
Ayudamos suministrando diversos productos y asesorando en la lucha contra plástico. Seriedad y calidad a un precio justo. Visite nuestra web:
Craft Plastic
Craft Plastic it’s simply our daily life revisited, objects and furnishings created from recycled plastic waste. The goal is to evolve our consciousnesses to open up other possibilities for welcoming and engaging in the future. This project will allow to create a new alternative to production by integrating plastic waste with handicrafts and thus create a sustainable and ecological daily life.
Crea-Cregy SAS (Arnaud)
My little workshop is mainly focused on making shredders for plastic motivated all over the world. i aldo have a compression machine and an injection machine. Sidewise, i am involved in a repair café where we collect used equipment, we take them appart and keep the useful parts. when i have some spare time, i shred printers, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners to recover plastics and make new items. More
Darigov Research Limited
We specialise in open source hardware, software and education to help people tackle global issues in their local community.
El Tornillo
We are passionate on handworking and creating things. We love working with recycled plastic and keeping useful this wonderful material. Hope you love our work too!
Energorower Slawomir Dymczyk
Human generated energy company. Mainly stationary bikes, spinning bikes, airbikes, rowers, ski trainers - all equipped with low voltage DC generator and DC-DC voltage stabilizer - ready to power directly small appliances like plastic PET bottle shredder, TV set, amplifier with loudspeakers, blender, lights, phone charger (anything up to around 150-200 Watts actually) or charge 12V battery or use 12V to 230V or 110V AC inverter or feed grid tie inverter or anything else you discover. We also rent equipement for events! Visit our webpage and look for more info -
At FOS we work to make products that won't be a problem at the end of their useful life by combining the right designs, materials and processes. Since we believe products should be produced within a resonable radious from the production point we don't only sell the products, but also the moulds that allow anyone to make these sunglasses in their ecosystem. You can visit our webpage | see our Instagram | or email us SEE OUR PRODUCTS More
Far Out Finds
Shredded HDPE for sale. Very high quality. Clean and ready to ship! Free Shipping within the USA! International shipping is available, please contact for a quote. Local delivery and pickup is available in the NYC metro area.