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2nd Melt Solutions
2nd Melt Solutions is committed to repurposing as much litter and single use plastic as possible into usable items, while educating the public on the value of plastic and the importance of proper recycling.
All Plastic Flakes
Top Plastic Flakes for awsome product creation.
-Custom mould making addiction! -Send us your logo to suggest you a recycle solution! -Plastic production -Cnc creations WhatsApp +306932314174 Mail: [email protected]
Andy Tenerife
Andy's Compact Precious Plastic Machines, I make pallet sized MultiMelt Machines, with the Extruder, Injector and either the Compressor Oven, or the Shredder, all together on a strong metal frame, easy to transport and small enough to fit in almost any place (standard pallet size = 80cm x 120cm). I can also make one-off machines if preferred ;-)
Arete Trading Company
Welcome to the Arete Trading Company, LLC Bazaar page. Our store is located in Springfield, Oregon. Feel free to browse our items for sale. We hope you find something interesting and useful here. Thank you for looking.
arle gro . - We are two brothers from the West of Germany. We live in the heart of a former coal mining and steel industry region and we are very glad to just marvel at these old industry complexes which impress you with their massive machines and profan but still smart technic. Our grandparents often told us stories about dirty air making it impossible to dry laundry outside without having them to wash again. But over the past few years there grew up new smokestacks, the smokestacks of waste incineration plants. Again we are polluting our air. Not that we can't dry our laundry outside, - these plants have various filters - but really everybody knows that we have to reduce our Carbon Dioxide emissions drastically. Instead we burn plastic that could have a second, a third, ... life. arle gro . is tired of feeding garbage cans whose waste is then burned to ash - cause plastic is different from the Phoenix. To bring it back to life you have to melt it instead of burning it. You have to... More
Atelier TOURAZ
Atelier TOURAZ est un atelier de recyclage des thermoplastiques ménagers récupérés auprès des habitants locaux (Cantal). Les objets proposés sont intégralement conçus à partir de recyclat, sauf si vous voulez un revêtement, une peinture particulière. Bien-sur vous pouvez faire n'importe quelle demande de personnalisation. Il en va de même pour les machines : tous les éléments sont récupérés sur des vieilles machines défectueuses, assemblés puis testés sur site. Perpétuons la vertu de Precious Plastic !!! J'essaie d'en être alors soutenez-moi en commandant des objets ou sur mon site internet : .html
BackBO - Circular Economy Hub
BackBO is a circular economy hub based in Bologna that make different projects to achieve the Zero Waste Revolution . Our activities: 1) workshop for plastic upcycling 2) creating new design recycled objects 3) help the events with reusable ecofriendly cups 4) helping the development of circular economy ideas. For more information please contact us [email protected]
VISION: From Trash to Toilet to Trash, we want to reduce burden on humans and environment by creating waste management solutions. MISSION: Beginning with major townships and agricultural fields, we will set up toilets at major public junctions and also a single use plastic recycling facility in INDIA create a more centralised system. Human waste collected will be efficiently disposed or converted to urea, based on the location.
benacid, LDA
benacid is a startup with a mission to make the world a better place. We promote all forms of sustainability thru products and parts. If you want to buy multiple parts talk with us and we will find the best way to sell it! Join our quest and help us fullfil our mission :)