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Human generated energy company. Mainly stationary bikes, spinning bikes, airbikes, rowers, ski trainers - all equipped with low voltage DC generator and DC-DC voltage stabilizer - ready to power directly small appliances like plastic PET bottle shredder, TV set, amplifier with loudspeakers, blender, lights, phone charger (anything up to around 150-200 Watts actually) or charge 12V battery or use 12V to 230V or 110V AC inverter or feed grid tie inverter or anything else you discover.

We also rent equipement for events!

Visit our webpage and look for more info - www.energorower.pl

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50x50x50CM, New
Pedaling on an EnergyBike produces all the energy needed to power the shredder. The cover and the hopper of the shredder are made of transparent...
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