Pedaling on an EnergyBike produces all the energy needed to power the shredder. The cover and the hopper of the shredder are made of transparent polycarbonate so that you can watch how a bottle gets between the blades and is cut into small pieces.

Our shredder is relatively small, lightweight, simple and elegant, yet sturdy and efficient. It has huge educational valor as well as marketing potential.

Main characteristics of the shredder unit

- permanent magnet 24VDC 8A 200 Watts motor,

- spur gearbox 20 rpm

- claw coupling

- transparent polycarbonate cover and detachable hopper

- right and left rotation switch with off position

- emergency stop

- voltage, current, power and energy meter with small lcd screen

- steel frame with detachable legs (with rubber leveling feet)

- shredder unit

- 50 cm long x 40 cm width x 50 cm height (without hopper (+75 cm), total 25 kg weight,

- Powered directly by our energybike (or airbike for additional fee) or 24V DC battery (cable with breaker included, battery not included) or 230V/110V AC to 24V 300 Watts power adapter (230V version included)

See it in action:


Q: Why making it electrical? Purely mechanical power transmission is better/more efficient?

A: We have experience with constructing bicycles generating electrical energy and it is easier for us to develop solutions based on this route. Also electrical appliances are commonly used so we don’t have to develop also mechanical versions of many appliances. Apart from that – we can easily store electrical energy in batteries, capacitors and later power bigger equipment this way. But of course purely mechanical power transmission is very promising and we will try it in our next project.

As for the shredder – while purely mechanical drive is quite possible in that case – we prefer electrical drive for couple of additional reasons: easily reversible direction of rotation, power meter, high torque not directly connected to pedaling, compact design without big flywheels and gearboxes, possibility of powering via battery or standard electrical socket,

Q: Why bother with human powered equipment at all – humans make terrible power generators and its economical significance is low!

A: While above statement stays generally true – we think human powered appliances make sense as educational, fun, workout and emergency sources. Also making something possible through your physical effort is purely fantastic experience. And in time effect of scale can make human energy generation a little more significant.

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