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???? Collection: Clean(ed) plastic waste from PP(5), HDPE(2), LDPE(4), PS (7) & PLA(7) is welcome.
✂️ Shredder: Turns 100kg/h local plastic waste with a strong 5.5kW-motor into 5 or 8mm- flakes.
♻️ Injection, Extrusion & Sheetpress
???? First product: Park Bench out of 17'000 bottle caps

???? Let’s minimize plastic & electronic consumption and recycle what’s left and cannot be avoided.

✌️Helping finance social projects with every kilo of plastic we process.

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120x60x80CM, HDPE, Extruder Machine
Operating from Barranco in Lima, Peru.  Our benches are made with 100% bottle cap HDPE sourced from social programs that finance treatments by collecting...
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