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We are an Austrian Startup, witch is specialized on building semi industrial plastic recycling machines and we make plastic recycling project all over the world with NGO´s and Industry. Also we offer all kind of services around setting up platicrecycling workspaces, workshops, product development,... feel free to contact us at [email protected] We are based in Austria - but our home is planet earth. ;) We build t he only semi industrial plastic recycling Machines in the Precious Plastic Universe with CE Certification!
[email protected]
[email protected] are tackling marine plastic pollution in NW Scotland and beyond by monitoring, researching, developing, recycling, and providing educational outreach. All our products are made from ocean plastic cleaned off our local beaches, all profits from sales go back into beach cleaning activities.
Plastic-Hub is the biggest contributor of the Precious-Plastic open source movement We're a 100% open source vendor and mainly produce for communities, schools, universities, small enterprises and startups and provide after sales support. Our activities donations to various talents and teams in the community develop new machines, updates and fixes of the machines develop various open source software tools: Precious-Plastic Wiki Language, and machine firmware extensive community support in the forum and Discord since 2 years maintenance and support of community projects and activities The team Guenter - Senior software and hardware engineer from Germany Anne - Communication and sales officer from France Daniel - Lead engineer from the UK Nials : Product Designer, from the UK Projects Asterix : Full automatic bottle vending machine for schools and bars. Precious Plastic Library : maintenance and updates for Precious Plastic machinery Precious Plastic... More
A collective of upcycled plastic products with the mission to create an awareness about plastic pollution while introducing solutions to clean up our plastic waste. At PlasticPack you will find finished products such as bags, wallets, and fannypacks, as well as a collection of Plastic Fabrics where other artists and designer can create their own products. ♻️ The plastic sourced for PlasticPack is found in the Netherlands and is upcycled by the Brazilian designer Mariana Pinheiro.
Plastic waste made beautiful. In Czechia. We make sustainable furniture & interior design by giving plastic waste a second chance. We believe that circular economy turning waste into resource, timeless design & long-lasting products are the key to conscious consumerism. Our mission is to create meaningful & valuable products that inspire to appreciate every resource we have. @plastlo
Plastmakers are turning plastic waste into value-added products. We offer components, small moulds as well as equipments for processing plastics. The shredding, pressing and injection moulding of plastics allow different objects to be produced in pieces. By buying, you are encouraging further open source development of affordable plastic processing in the heart of Europe. For more information visit Tom
Precious Plastic Cincy
We are a Precious Plastic Workspace specializing in home goods and raw material sourcing. From coasters to end tables, we are trying to do our part to tackle the plastic problem!
Precious Plastic Estonia
Precious Plastic Estonia is a local plastic recycling organisation. The main goals of the organisation are: - to increase community awareness about excessive use of plastic and problems connected with plastic pollution - to increase social involvement in solving these problems through workshops and other events - to recycle used plastic into new useful products - to share knowledge about tools required for localised plastic recycling and experience in creating new products
Precious Plastic Malaysia
Building and Precious Plastic machines to promote the importance of recycling plastic. So that to make a better and brighter future. Visit our website at For more information and examples visit: IG: FB: Email : [email protected] More
Precious Plastic Melbourne
We are a social business and community hub in Australia, where like minded people are working towards better outcomes for traditionally “non-recyclable” products. Our aim is to provide high quality moulds and equipment to help your workshop produce premium products. Find us here: w | ig | fb |
Precious Plastic Slovakia
We are on mission to make small scale plastic recycling more accesible Our project Precious Plastic Slovakia was established in 2018, with goal to work on low-cost plastic recycling solution locally. Currently we are operating shredder and injection machine, also we are developing mould for injection, manufacturing parts for shredder machine. Our team consists of 7 people. Contact: [email protected] Whatsapp : +421908042658 Team Precious Plastic Slovakia
Precious Plastic Southwest
Welcome to Precious Plastic Southwest. This is an exciting new approach to plastic recycling that even us little folks can get involved with and make a huge difference while reducing waste all around the planet.
Precious Plastic USA
Building Precious Plastic machines in Portland OR.
Precious Plastics Cork
Precious Plastics Workspace in West Cork, Ireland