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Njombe Beyond
Hello Precious Plastic people! We are Njombe Beyond , a project lead by the SHIPO SMART Centre Tanzania . We are creating a local network of small scale plastic recyclers in the southern highlands of Tanzania. All our designs can be produced with low cost and simple technologies, such as those available in Njombe. Current status of Njombe Beyond network: - Two local plastic shredders - A machine building workshop - A mould producing artisan - A recycling workshop with the injection and the compresion machines. - A recycling workshop with an industrial extrusion machine And an intenational network of product & mould designers. Current status: - One designer based in Tanzania, one based in Uganda and another one based in Kenya Coming soon: - Plastic recycling lab where local entrepreneurs learn and start their plastic recycling business. Want to learn more and contribute? Join us !  More
Nouns is an online community built around NFTs or digital art. They issue 1 NFT everyday, forever. These NFT can be bought by anyone and are registered on the blockchain. Each NOUN owner becomes part of the NOUN community. Learn more on
Onda Sostenible
We believe our planet offers every resource necessary to sustain life and make it flourish. We feel admiration and respect for this and we are committed to its equilibrium and regeneration.   Thats why in 2020 Precious Plastic inspired us to found Onda Sostenible as a micro recycling workspace that then developed into a recycled plastic and cotton textile brand. Today we transform PET and cotton waste into clothing such as  Hoodies Polo shirts  T-shirts Institutional clothing We produce our own packaging with recycled polypropylene and textile waste. Each individual garment we sell is delivered in a recycled and gorgeous reusable packaging.  So if you want to hook youlself or your team with awesome recycled made garnets let us know! Bogotá, Colombia   
REAL PRECIOUS PLASTIC PORTUGAL “Precious Plastic is a global community of hundreds of people working towards a solution to plastic pollution. Knowledge, tools and techniques are shared online, for free. So everyone can start (yes, you too!).” OPO`Lab is working with the Precious Plastic machines already since 2016. Besides the reconstruction of the technical plan - provided by the platform of Dave Hakkens - OPO`Lab is always trying to improve the machines, put some vital work in details in order to create new solutions to make it even more simple and convenient recycling plastic. Besides the fabrication of the machine set we developed various activities like educational training & workshops & demonstrations in order to guide you through the first experimentations using the machines, explaining the key-issues of each production process and sharing the knowledge and possibilities. We provide additional services for product design & fabrication of moulds to show you the possibilities for the future... More
HDPE Recycling Company
PBS Machinery
Machine builder from Zwolle - Netherlands. Experience with Precious Plastic machinery since 2017. Had a mayor impact in developing the Extruder Pro during the Version 4 development and further itterations.  My company Mainly focusses on extrusion, Injection molding and special machine building. Products include: - Tabletop Extruder Pro - Injection molding machines - Mold for injection molding and extrusion - Dies and nozzles - Specials machinery (customer spec.) - manufacturing More
Plastic Please
Running workshops on Plastic Recycling
Plastic@Bay are tackling marine plastic pollution in NW Scotland and beyond by monitoring, researching, developing, recycling, and providing educational outreach. All our products are made from ocean plastic cleaned off our local beaches, all profits from sales go back into beach cleaning activities.
Seeing plastic not being recycled and ending up in a landfill - or worse - has always saddened me. I think it's an exceptional material, and we should treat is as a very precious one, limiting its use to durable products and avoiding single-use application if possbile. And always recycling it! I've been inspired by the Precious Plastic community, though I'm still operating from a flat with basic equipment and none of their wonderful machines. For now at least :) I collect discarded single-use or broken plastic items locally, from friends and organisations, plus some street clean-up every now and then. I then wash, dry and sort the plastic according to its type and colour. I use two of the most common thermoplastics: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP). As a rule the plastic is then cut, if needed, and melted in an oven. I use metal or silicone moulds, depending on the product. I built a small wooden press that I sometimes use for some of the products, like plectrums,... More
A collective of upcycled plastic products with the mission to create an awareness about plastic pollution while introducing solutions to clean up our plastic waste. At PlasticPack you will find finished products such as bags, wallets, and fannypacks, as well as a collection of Plastic Fabrics where other artists and designer can create their own products. ♻️ The plastic sourced for PlasticPack is found in the Netherlands and is upcycled by the Brazilian designer Mariana Pinheiro.
Our aim is to create simple and safe access to plastic recycling and offer everything needed for turning plastic waste into new products. Starting from safe and high-quality machines and moulds up to training programs and additional services we tailor our products to our partner's needs. We are pioneering the development of CE-marked machines to fulfil all necessary safety and performance standards.  We have shipped hundreds of machines and moulds to more than 70 countries and accompanied numerous projects all over the world.  We are based in Austria - but our home is planet earth. ;) Website: Instagram: If you are interested in buying products from us please reach out. We can then discuss prices, options, set-discounts, timeline, shipping costs, etc. Also please feel free to reach out for any questions or collaboration ideas.  More
Hey :) We are a Precious Plastic Workshop in Switzerland. We built the shredder and the injection machine. Now we want to get our expenses back by selling our products (magnets, bottle openers, carabiners and some others that are still in planning).
Plastiki Rafiki
Machine building and plastic recycling workshop based at the International School of Kenya's Design and Art Centre. We fabricate and assemble locally made plastic recycling machines using the precious plastic blueprints and design and manufacture molds that can be used with the machines. We conduct training workshops on machine-use and product design. Please note that our products DO NOT ship internationally.
Australia based engineer working to create new and interesting sustainability focused innovations.  Instagram
Plastic waste made beautiful. In Czechia. We make sustainable furniture & interior design by giving plastic waste a second chance. We believe that circular economy turning waste into resource, timeless design & long-lasting products are the key to conscious consumerism. Our mission is to create meaningful & valuable products that inspire to appreciate every resource we have. @plastlo
Plastmakers are turning plastic waste into value-added products. We offer components, small moulds as well as equipments for processing plastics. The shredding, pressing and injection moulding of plastics allow different objects to be produced in pieces. By buying, you are encouraging further open source development of affordable plastic processing in the heart of Europe. Tom
Plastolaris is a French startup that has been developing and selling plastic recycling machines for the past two years. We are currently in the process of expanding our franchise by introducing our new, high-quality machines on the Precious Plastic platform. This expansion marks an exciting chapter in our journey to provide innovative recycling solutions to a broader audience.
Poly CycleSystems Inc.
At Poly CycleSystems, we manufacture, sell and operate small-scale plastic recycling systems to help communities turn their plastic waste into brand new products. Our mission is to make it possible for any community to make recycling a job creator, profit generator, and a beneficial piece of infrastructure. Through the use of our systems, anyone is able to start their own business selling products made out of recycled plastic. We currently sell products and recycled plastic out of our local workshop in Ottawa, ON in addition to creating machines for those interested in starting their own recycling ventures. 
Preciós Plàstic València
TRANSFORMATION OF PLASTIC WASTE INTO USEFUL OBJECTS WITH VALUE. RECYCLING, OPEN SOURCE MACHINES AND CITIZEN PARTICIPATION.   WORKSHOPS AND COURSES Education is possibly the only salvation for the nature and planet, we do practical and participatory workshops. EVENTS AND TALKS We can set up a dynamic recycling point at events, or if you prefer something quieter, we can give a talk. PRODUCT DESIGN We want to live in a circular economy, so we are at your disposal to manufacture products using plastic waste.
Precious Plastic Capi Spain
Precious Plastic Capi Spain ( English) Since 2019, we supply various products and advise in the war against plastic. A family company, formed by professionals in education and mechanical engineering, located in Seville ( Spain ). Our objective; reduce plastic consumption through information and education; Reuse, Reduce and Recycle ! Our motto; Honesty and quality at a fair price have allowed us to send products to the 5 continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania). Shipments successfully made to; EUROPE --> Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Cyprus, Romanía, Norway, Hungary, Austria, Denmark, Greece AFRICA --> Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia AMERICA --> United States, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Peru. ASIA -->... More
Precious Plastic East
Precious Plastic East runs a coastal plastic recycling and manufacturing workshop in Great Yarmouth recycling local waste plastic from businesses, residents and beach cleans. Set-up in March 2022, Precious Plastic East cleans, shreds and injection moulds the plastic it collects in its all singing, all dancing workshop built using Precious Plastic blueprints. All the plastic used is either post-consumer waste or plastic retrieved from the sea on local beach cleans. Precious Plastic East is the trading name of Wastesmiths CIC which is a social enterprise and operates for purpose rather than profits. Any surplus funds it generates from trading are reinvested into achieving its aim of reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfill and the sea.
Precious Plastic India
Precious Plastic India brand of The Recreus Lab is a unique formation of people, machines, and inspirational insights which we have used to create a productive recycling system for every commoner. Let us begin this journey of life towards an eco-friendly lifestyle by sliding into a greener world by enhancing productivity through recycled plastic with the Recreus Lab, your one-stop opportunity to 'Recycle, Remodel and Recreate' Our Vision: Empowering to turn all commoners into productive recyclers! We envision presenting techniques and technology to recycle plastic waste at its source and produce marvelous products. Our Services Waste Management Machine Manufacturing Mold Fabrication Remote & In-Person Training Turnkey Solutions for Building Micro-Factories, Sustainable Labs & Recycled plastic Workshops. All our Machines are CE Certified and based on Precious Plastic Designs. We offer comprehensive technical support and installation services. We provide both... More
Precious Plastic Javier
Javier Offering hope to our only planet Based in Australia developing plastic recycling alternatives.
Precious Plastic Malaysia
Building and Precious Plastic machines to promote the importance of recycling plastic. So that to make a better and brighter future. Visit our website at For more information and examples visit: IG: FB: More
Precious Plastic Maleon
Precious Plastic Leon  its a community Point that that contributes with different projects around Mexico, in order to help in the creation of recycling spaces and form a local community where poople can donate either plastics or work-hours. This is  our Facebook page for Community Point Precious Plastic León where you can find more information about what we do. As part of the Leon community, it is where  Precious Plastic Maleon comes to place, regarding Machine and Moulds making . Looking to have available the latest version of the Precious Plastic Machine Universe, in order to have the BEST quality All Maleon sells contribute with 5% fee, for Community Point Leon, and another 5% to the Precious Plastic Bazar, as a circular economy model. All our Products can be shipped to the USA, MEX , or LATAM , in the standard listings. If you think your region can have a better shipping cost, please contact us, in order to have a special quote for shipping. For most of... More
Precious Plastic Santa Maria
Precious Plastic Santa Maria (PPSM) is a movement that started in 2018 in the town of Santa Maria in Brazil. At PPSM we focus on awareness, education & product development. In this Bazar you will find some of our collections of fashion items created from consumer waste. Some of the products are crafted in Santa Maria and others in the Netherlands, both with passion and hope for a better future. Our team believes there should be no boundaries when it comes to creating solutions for a better planet for all humans, we are all in this planet together!
Precious Plastic Slovakia
We are on mission to make small scale plastic recycling more accesible in Slovakia and in the world. Our project was established in 2018, with goal to work on low-cost plastic recycling solutions locally. We are supplying PP community with shredder machine parts, moulds for injection, recycled products at fair price We are opened to help you to start with your recycling business Shipping worldwide Team Precious Plastic Slovakia
Precious Plastic USA
Building Precious Plastic inspired machines in Portland OR.
Precious Plastic Vienna
Precious Plastic Vienna. Operating from Vienna, Austria. Supporting the recycling community since 2018. Contact us for products, material or cooperations anytime! :-)