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Hello Precious Plastic people!

We are Njombe Beyond, a project lead by the SHIPO SMART Centre Tanzania. We are creating a local network of small scale plastic recyclers in the southern highlands of Tanzania. All our designs can be produced with low cost and simple technologies, such as those available in Njombe.

Current status of Njombe Beyond network:

- Two local plastic shredders

- A machine building workshop

- A mould producing artisan

- A recycling workshop with the injection and the compresion machines.

- A recycling workshop with an industrial extrusion machine

And an intenational network of product & mould designers. Current status:

- One designer based in Tanzania, one based in Uganda and another one based in Kenya

Coming soon:

- Plastic recycling lab where local entrepreneurs learn and start their plastic recycling business.

Want to learn more and contribute? Join us

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8x5CM, Injection Machine, PP
Mambo from Njombe Beyond , Tanzania? We are happy to share a local creation from Njombe with you all! Letters to be used as teaching and learning...
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