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Craft Plastic
Craft Plastic it’s simply our daily life revisited, objects and furnishings created from recycled plastic waste. The goal is to evolve our consciousnesses to open up other possibilities for welcoming and engaging in the future. This project will allow to create a new alternative to production by integrating plastic waste with handicrafts and thus create a sustainable and ecological daily life.
Crea-Cregy SAS (Arnaud)
Gustave Eiffel used to say : "savoir faire et faire savoir". it means doing it well and let it know. this is what we do for now more than one and a half year. All our machines are made here in France, with records and quality checks all over the building process. Mainly focused on making shredders for plastic motivated all over the world, we can offer injection machine and interesting moulds to start with success your new business. Sidewise, i am personally involved in a repair café where we collect used equipment, we take them appart and keep the useful parts. when i have some spare time, i shred printers, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners to recover plastics and make new items. follow us on Facebook, you will see machines in operation sent all over the world ! More
Darigov Research Limited
We specialise in open source hardware, software and education to help people tackle global issues in their local community.
DIOTIS is a small but ambitious interior design company based in the south west of France that dreams of a cleaner world. In our workshop, we manufacture any type of furniture from small coffee tables to large wall decorations for Huge Villas. We have a breadth of large clients who trusts us for their HIPS interior design needs, Vertige Designs, Plastic Odyssey and more to come. We pride ourselves on utilising only the best circular products out there. Our plastic is 100% separated into one type of plastic (HIPS) and is cleaned following strict circular standards. By marrying plastic and steel, we create an product that is easily recyclable at the end of its life. The material we use is not like anything you have seen before, you will be among the first to enter in this bright adventure. That's why we pride ourselves on the high quality manufacturing and assembly standards. We check each product by hand and inspect the entire table for any imperfections. Meanwhile, please bear in mind that these... More
Easymoulds [email protected] 0049 1711030470 (+Whatsapp) Easymoulds designs products out of recycled plastic and make injection moulds. For the development of Precious Plastic v4 we made all the injection moulds inhouse. Readymade Moulds on the Bazar On the Precious Plastic Bazar we only sell tested and proofen injection moulds which were iterated from the original designs to improve your production performance. Custom Mould Design We have a streamlined process to deliver you some of the best moulds for manual and semi automatic machines you can find on the market - tailored to your specific machine specifications. We can offer the full range from finding a feasible idea up to your final parts: Ideation and Concept - Sketches, Material Concept, Product Ranges Product Design - CAD Design, Advanced Surface Modeling, Rendering Prototyping - 3D Printing and CNC machining from real materials Design for Manufacturing - Optimizing existing CAD... More
Ponemos a su disposición un extenso conocimiento sobre el complejo proceso del reciclaje de plásticos, entendiéndolo como un ecosistema industrial que alimenta la economía, generando tejido social de alto impacto, valor agregado a la cadena de reciclaje y minimizando los impactos negativos en el medio ambiente.
El Tornillo
We design and create molds for the Precious Plastic's machines. We have some molds in stock for immediate delivery or we make them on demand. Please contact us! We are passionate on handworking and creating new things. We love working with recycled plastic to keep useful this wonderful material. Hope you love our work too!
Energorower Slawomir Dymczyk
Human generated energy company. Mainly stationary bikes, spinning bikes, airbikes, rowers, ski trainers - all equipped with low voltage DC generator and DC-DC voltage stabilizer - ready to power directly small appliances like plastic PET bottle shredder, TV set, amplifier with loudspeakers, blender, lights, phone charger (anything up to around 150-200 Watts actually) or charge 12V battery or use 12V to 230V or 110V AC inverter or feed grid tie inverter or anything else you discover. We also rent equipement for events! Visit our webpage and look for more info -
At FOS we work to make products that won't be a problem at the end of their useful life by combining the right designs, materials and processes. Since we believe products should be produced within a resonable radious from the production point we don't only sell the products, but also the moulds that allow anyone to make these sunglasses in their ecosystem. You can visit our webpage | see our Instagram | or email us SEE OUR PRODUCTS More
Far Out Finds
Shredded HDPE for sale. Very high quality. Clean and ready to ship! Free Shipping within the USA! International shipping is available, please contact for a quote. Local delivery and pickup is available in the NYC metro area.