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Formation BX
Formation BX is a sustainable design company centered on reclaiming plastic waste for use in closed-loop, small-scale manufacturing. We collect and process post-consumer plastics to create beautiful, functional products. All of our products are 100% reclaimed plastic and made in New York City.
Friendly greens
Aim of this market  To sell raw material harvested with different contributions, from individuals or groups school, parish, offices, in order to get money for helping Tanzanian poor villagers to have water, school materials or other needs. 
Geotrupes Plasticus is the modern recycling beetle ! Any questions, just ask !  If you are curious, just visit my website  , or you can find me on  Instagram ,  TikTok  and  Facebook  ! 
Recycled plastic raw material and home goods
Greenwood Design
Greenwood Design is a sustainable design studio run by Tom and our side project is Re:Do design and we have a plastic shedder / sheet press workspace based in the East Midlands, U.K. We mostly use plastic from the physical media industry and saved from landfill , this include DVD, game & cd cases as well as the Discs themselves. The advantage of using these is they are quite clean to start with and we remove the clear covers before granulation . We have been designing and making products from plastic ,wood and other sustainably sourced materials since 2011 and share the space with other makers who use recycled glass and have access to laser cutters and CNC machines. Any questions let me know I'd be happy to discuss you needs
We imagined; a dog leash as smooth as a hairless cat. Bursting in colours that look good enough to sniff and lick. And thoughtfully made to help the fight against plastic pollution.     Most dog leads squish your hand when doggo pulls, bounds ahead, gets extra energetic or suddenly halts for something sniff worthy. Andre the Chihuahua (our Chief Inspiration Officer) threw convention to the dogs to re-design the standard dog lead. The HI JAC dog lead was created. A leash to prop your pup's style and Play nice with the Planet®
Impermeable Producciones
Nos dedicamos a la venta de plástico triturado o en fardos. PP, PS, PET, HDPE, etc Limpio o sucio We are dedicated to the sale of shredded plastic or in bales. PP, PS, PET, HDPE, etc. Clean or dirty
Inspired Plastics
Recycle better with products made by harvesting locally recycled plastic. I a offer shredding service, custom orders and educational classes to kids and adults.
Plastic- and electro-waste recycling in Dresden-Johannstadt Ꙭ Collection -> Clean(ed) plastic waste from PP(5), HDPE(2), LDPE(4) & PS(6) is welcome :) ֍ Shredder -> Turns 4kg/h local plastic waste with a strong 3kW-motor into 5 or 8mm- flakes ▼ Injector -> Shoots up to 150ml of molten plastic flakes into nice moulds ∞ First product -> Dodecahedron lamp with a body from recycled plastic and electronics from electronic waste :) Instagram
johe bruneau
Precious Plastic member since 2016. As an artist & a artisan, I run my workspace in France, Lyon, Precious Plastic technologies and craftsmanship ! I offer different type of services : >>> Aluminum foundry process : to create eco-friendly affordable molds and creative objets. (foundry is the perfect process to cast things : I can make a mold for you from a 3D printed model or any other prototype. ) >>> Laser cut molds from steel and aluminum, dxf and dwg drawing on demand. >>> Product design : inculding conception an production from recycled plastic >>> Plastic sheets 60x60cm ( tickness 0.6mm-1cm-1.5cm ) types & colors according to the stock >>> Plastic beams, any shape types & colors according to the stock >>> workshops >>> But also massive things like Jaden Smith's Table ! >>> Artworks on my website Feel free to contact me for any... More
We are Julia and Thebe, founders of JUBE. We found our inspiration while digging into the old jewellery boxes of our mothers and grandmothers. We found some funny-looking plastic rings, dating back to the 70's, 80's and 90's (yes, apparently our mothers were fashionista's at the time) . We loved wearing these colourful chunky pieces and so soon after this we decided that we wanted to create these rings ourselves.We started looking into how we could make this rings and soon realised that producing more plastic, in a world that already cannot cope with the amount of plastic waste, was against our beliefs. And so, we started looking for alternatives. That's how we found Vincent, founder of Utoplast, located in Trondheim, Norway. Vincent creates all kinds of things out of recycled plastic and immediately got super excited about the rings. And so our collaboration started. After collecting plastics from households, streets, factories and other places he shreds it into small pieces, whereafter he melts it... More
Here we design, manufacture and market standard and tailor-made "MADE IN FRANCE" recycling machines. We strive to make quality, durable, design products while keeping the artisanal side. Each machine is manufactured in direct connection with a dozen local partners and workshops (less than 20 kilometers away) in order to reduce transport, its ecological impact and support local know-how. Launched since October 2019 on the basis of Precious Plastic, our shredders, injectors, extruders, sheets press and other recycling machines are constantly evolving by our team.
Lang Leve Plastic
Plastic is strong, flexible, accessible and above all very durable. Ideal for products designed for a long lifespan - not single use products. That is why we create sustainable, long-lasting and modular products from plastic waste that never have to contribute to plastic pollution. Lang Leve Plastic is a registered company in The Netherlands under VAT number  NL002227855B5  and as such we are able to issue invoices for your order.
Laser cutting UK
A Small UK based Laser cutting company
Le Plastique Autrement
Le Plastique Autrement Recycled product design / and injection mould design We experiment how to reuse plastic waste into new sustainable products. Follow our experiments on instagram
LT Custom Creations
LT Custom Creations recycles post-consumer waste into products made from recycled plastic in Australia. Our products are unique and a perfect handmade wedding or birthday present idea. Our recycled plastic coasters are a unique mother’s day gift.
Lucie Lauv
Hi I'm a french designer living in Paris. My jewels are made from failed 3D print. Material : PLA (polylactic acid) which is meanly made with corn starch. Zero waste ! I hope you appreciate my work ! Don't hesitate to contact me if you wish to know more about me or my products. Lucie Lauv
M Labs
Hello, This is Mike from M LABS. I have a one-man-operated CNC/ lathe/ 3D print/ welding/ laser cutting shop in Lublin, Poland. I am an experienced machinist with 15+ years of experience.  I build PP machines as a hobby, but building and setting up machines is also my full-time job at my other company. I can offer machining, prototyping, and assembly of your machines, I also manufacture components for you to build your own stuff.  Please do not hesitate to contact me about your ideas, I know the feeling of contacting big shops to try to cut one piece on the laser. I can offer my attention and a good price. 
From the former Precious Plastic team , now we started our own journey to equip the upcoming wave of innovators around the world with the necessary tools and expertise to harness the potential of recycled plastic. To achieve this, we are committed to distributing small-scale, user-friendly and top-notch plastic recycling machines on a global scale. By making these machines easily accessible, we empower individuals to transform locally obtained plastic waste into innovative precious products ✨  Other services: - Molds - Consultancy services - R&D projects - Product design  - Installation and training
Marble Plastics
Marble Plastics manufactures 100% recycled plastic sheets used by designers, architects, and green builders to design circular products and spaces. Visit us here:  
Maritimo Recycling
We make products out of plastic from the Adriatic sea! Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: TikTok:
Merijaan Recycling UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
We believe in a world without new plastic. And we make the best out of the old. We develop & market sustainable surf equipment and create a new awareness for dealing with plastic through education. We act courageously, authentically, and socially. Many people want an alternative to the throwaway society. A conscious and sustainable use of resources such as plastic offers an opportunity to act responsibly and do something good for oneself and the environment. This requires education on recycling and more sustainable products. There is a lack of both. People are looking for practical and attractive ways to use resources more consciously and thus protect themselves and the environment.  Merijaan addresses both problems: Social: By educating people about up- & recycling, we create a new awareness about how to deal with plastic. We organise plastic recycling workshops and set up circular economies. Surf: We develop and market sustainable surf equipment made from recycled & recyclable plastic,... More
Métamorf - Precious Plastic Touraine
We are an association with the aim of reducing plastic pollution. By the transmission of knowledge and the fabrication of objects design, sustainable and desirable to ensure that our plastic end up somewhere other than Ocean.
Metrozero is a startup located in Villaputzu, Sardinia, one of Italy's main islands. We decided to tackle the plastic problem by starting various projects in the local area, with the goal of growing and creating an effective system to involve the community and keep collecting more and more. Our dream is to become a national point of interest in the recycling economy. We established a workspace wich consists of a shredder, an extruder and an injection machine, HDPE (mainly) and PP being what we work with. All the collected material comes from post-consumer waste and it's then washed and sorted by us. Here at the bazar we sell shredded material and we plan to start selling small finished products in the near future.
Minus Degre
Minus Degre is a design firm that plays around with plastic waste, crafting household products, jewelry, and art objects. The firm was established with the intent of changing the mainstream view of the material and its usage. The plastic that we use every day and throw away can yield products and profit like gold if the resource is channelized by recycling and upcycling. We want to create a product keeping in mind the aspect of sustainability, and a community which is of the people, for the people, and by the people.’
Available to supply any of the P.P. machines plus tweaking to suit customers specific needs.