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Our main ambition is to contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution in the country. We collect used plastic material and we endeavor to recover it so that it can be reused. The plastic collected are reprocessed enabling them to be reused by manufacturers.
Hi! I am an electrician located in Norway. I make custom electronics for the Precious Plastic machines in my spare time. Feel free to send a message with any questions! :)
QiTech Industries
We are four students from Germany who are passionate about recycling and 3D printing. At QiTech Industries, we develop and build machines to process plastic into 3D printing filament.
Rags to Riches
Rags to Riches is an upcycling social enterprise that uses waste to promote environmental sustainability, community engagement and education within Glasgow and the surrounding areas.  We employ the circular economy model to provide workshops within our own venues as well as providing outreach programmes to outside organisations to upskill, train and empower local groups and support vulnerable communities. We also sell a range of handcrafted upcycled design collections on our online shop to create economic opportunities for local makers while actively reducing and reusing waste. Find out more at
I am new here, but i have some ideas for new products :)
Re:Solution is a registered company Germany under VAT number DE782202763  and as such we are able to issue invoices for your order. According to the § 1 9  UStG  we  do  no t cha rg e the g er man sal es  tax , a nd co ns equently do not account it (small business).  
Micro Factory | Waste Management | Climate Advocacy | Recycled Product Shops RecoSolution , a company based in Gujarat, India, is providing a one-stop solution for all your recycling needs. We aim to introduce an adaptable change in the production model by presenting a regenerative route to use the excess waste material by creating efficient, Compact & Robust Machinery for recycling a sufficient amount of plastic waste. Our goal is to bring a change in the attitude of how people understand plastic waste by incorporating them in contributing toward a circular economy. We believe in providing state-of-the-art products in the recycling industry. Recycling, a process used for the betterment of our planet and saving costs, should use machines that are easy to use and give out less waste material. Reco solution focuses primarily on that and is in the industry to provide affordable and efficient machines and tools. Our products, while being manufactured in India, can be ordered anywhere... More
Reema eng
One step forward towards spreading the small-scale, individual recycling culture and mapping the road to a sustainable way of life. Reema eng is a registered company in Greece under VAT number EL112569213 and as such we are able to issue invoices for your order.
Relic Plastic
Using our all-under-one-roof recycling system , we show that a circular economy is possible by taking plastic waste that has little to no value and making high-quality, handmade products that will stand the test of time. We also run workshops for all ages and styles where people can shred and recycle plastic themselves. We travel to venues or invite people to our Foundry based in Heysham, Lancashire, UK. 
Remix Plastic
Anthea Madill runs Remix Plastic, a sustainability education project by Clever Green Limited. Remix Plastic engages people in a conversation around reducing single use plastic consumption and creating a circular economy. They share skills and knowledge to empower individuals to make sustainable changes.  Remix Plastic takes the 3D printer waste from the local library makerspace, chips it up, melts it into sheets and then laser cuts the sheets into unique products. “With local waste we create products that have a sustainable story - not only does this divert waste from landfill but also provides a way to engage people in a conversation around reducing single use plastic. It embeds concepts like kaitiakitanga and circular economy into works.” Anthea Madill is interested in all levels of the waste reduction conversation: government and policy, business and academic research, and individuals and households. She works to communicate high level concepts and research to everyday people that... More
Rumtoo Machine,.LTD
A professional Plastic Recycling Machine manufacturer in China. including Injection molding machine, Blow molding machine, Pipe Shredder, PET Bottle Washing Line, Film Squeezer, Plastic Crusher, PP/PE Film Pelletizing Line, Plastic Film Washing Line, Single-shaft Shredder, PVC/Waste/Wood Shredder, Recycling Blades, etc.
Samsara The Recycle Company
Currently Shipping in India only. We are working on International shipping. Get in touch with us to get the latest update on this. About us: As millennials, we like surrounding ourselves with aesthetically appealing, yet functional objects and spaces. As designers, we work towards making creative and innovative products that people would love to use. And as environmentally-conscious individuals, we care about the impact the things we buy and use has on our planet. We replaced our plastic straws with steel alternatives. We replaced plastic carry bags with cloth bags. We replaced plastic containers with glass and copper options. We avoided the use of single-use plastics. But doing this is not enough. For we still have a lot of plastic- plastic that is perfectly good enough to be reused- that is still clogging our environment. As designers, we are constantly creating products out of mere sketches. We believe that this power comes with a lot of responsibility. The materials we use, where and... More
SAS HoliMaker
HoliMaker conçoit et fabrique en France des solutions de recyclage du plastique. La HoliPress, la presse à injection plastique manuelle ainsi que le HoliShred, le broyeur manuel.
We are an European family living in Phuket since August 2018. A few months ago, we decided to start collecting the colorful trash plastic caps from beaches, roads, streets and from some friends. After some research and study about plastics and how to recycle and reuse it, we bought a shredder and an injection machine. And then, with the support of a designer and a company that produces moulds, we came out with a beautiful babyseaturtle that allows to hold your phone, cards, glasses or other objects.
Singular MARS Ltd
Mechatronics, Aerospace, Recycling & Renewables solutions for a better future Instagram / twitter @singularmars
SparkLiv Innovation
SparkLiv is a social impact company based in India which works towards creating circular economy of plastic waste. Our vision is to be a torch-bearing social impact company which provides sustainable after-life to all types of discarded plastic waste through circular economy. Our mission is to run a socially and financially viable recycling model, by curating products from plastic waste collected directly from waste generators and creating a market for these products among environmentally conscious individuals/institutions.
straTivari is a unique and innovative company that was born out of passion for music and a shared concern for the environment. Founded in 2020 by a group of young musicians during the challenging times of the pandemic, we sought to address the ecological anxiety prevalent among our generation while making a positive impact on the world. Thus, our journey began, driven by a mission to educate on conscious plastic consumption and recycling, guided by the core values of ecology and upcycling. At the heart of our enterprise lies our main activity - the creation of propedeutic violins crafted entirely from recycled plastic. These violins not only provide young musicians with an exceptional instrument to begin their musical journey but also serve as a testament to our commitment to sustainable practices. By transforming discarded plastic materials into musical tools, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of repurposing resources and adopting responsible consumption habits. Beyond crafting... More