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Easymoulds designs products out of recycled plastic and make injection moulds. For the development of Precious Plastic v4 we made all the injection moulds inhouse.

Readymade Moulds on the Bazar

On the Precious Plastic Bazar we only sell tested and proofen injection moulds which were iterated from the original designs to improve your production performance.

Custom Mould Design

We have a streamlined process to deliver you some of the best moulds for manual and semi automatic machines you can find on the market - tailored to your specific machine specifications.

We can offer the full range from finding a feasible idea up to your final parts:

  • Ideation and Concept - Sketches, Material Concept, Product Ranges
  • Product Design - CAD Design, Advanced Surface Modeling, Rendering
  • Prototyping - 3D Printing and CNC machining from real materials
  • Design for Manufacturing - Optimizing existing CAD models to enable easy production
  • Mould Design - Optimizing material flow, Ejection mechanisms, Gate design
  • Mould Production - HSC CNC cutting, Surface treatment, Special connector system
  • Part Production - Production of prototypes from 1 piece to small <1000pcs to medium series <10000pcs

Contact us to get your custom design made!

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An injection mould to make universal Hooks.  The hooks can be used for jackets, small towels or in the workshop. The size of the hooks makes them a very...
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An injection mould to make cool YoYos! In the center of the two halfs you can use the plastic spacer (center piece in the mould). For really smooth Yoyos,...
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A wax comb to wax surfboards - for all functions: comb for distributing/renewing, flat scraper and round scraper for the sides. Send me your logo to...
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8,5 x 7,5 x4CM
Carabiners that can be used as a keychain and for handouts at events. All cavity sizes are able to be made with the Precious Plastic injection moulding...
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A mould to make small beads - up to 50 pieces/mould! You can make necklaces, praying chains, games etc. with the parts made from it. All cavity sizes are...
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A mould to experiment with new bio based materials with the bio press method (bio press, or a regular workshop press+ heating)...
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A mould to experiment with new bio based materials with the bio press method (bio press, or a regular workshop press+ heating)...
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These part trays can be utilized as organizers or POS trays for small bits and pieces. By using color variants you can distinguish different type of...
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Seller Reviews

Very quick manufacturing and delivery, descent contact. Great seller!
Preicoud Plastic Nomads: Great communication with Easymoulds and top quality work, has improved our production and workshop quality greatly. Thankyou so much
Very communicative and responsive during production and delivery, they adapted the mould to our injector requirements
We always enjoy working with Fritz! Excellent quality, fast shipping, and clear communication. Thanks for helping us make a custom soap mould for project in NYC :)
Top quality mould. Used it in a project in Jordan and worked incredibly smooth with excellent outcomes. Vases look incredible. Client loved it ♥️
Mould is really well realized.
delivery is a bit long but I get messages to inform about the delivery time and it has been respected.
Good communication from seller and product conform with the expactation.
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