A mould to experiment with new bio based materials with the bio press method (bio press, or a regular workshop press+ heating)
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The mould is designed that it can produce bowls from bio material which can be composted after single time use.

Bowl Size170 x 80 x 5 mm (Thickness is variable)
Volume Part
155 cm³
Mould Parts
Mould Size
220 x 220 x 86mm
Mould Weight
11 kg

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We always enjoy working with Fritz! Excellent quality, fast shipping, and clear communication. Thanks for helping us make a custom soap mould for project in NYC :)
Top quality mould. Used it in a project in Jordan and worked incredibly smooth with excellent outcomes. Vases look incredible. Client loved it ♥️
Mould is really well realized.
delivery is a bit long but I get messages to inform about the delivery time and it has been respected.
Good communication from seller and product conform with the expactation.
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Bio Material Bowl Mould

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