1U Part Tray - Injection Mould

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These part trays can be utilized as organizers or POS trays for small bits and pieces. By using color variants you can distinguish different type of containments. Those trays will never let you down in the daily shop life, with 2mm wall thickness they just don‘t break - ever!


MaterialPP, PS
Part volume40g
Shot volume50g
Pressure required~25bar
V3 injection machine compatibleyes

Nozzle Options

  • G1/2 thread (standard for v3 injection machines in metric nations)
  • NPT 1/2 thread
  • 45deg chamfer inlet (please specify the top diameter of the chamfer!)
  • straight hole

All our moulds come with exchangeable mould adapters and long lasting clamping bolts. The moulds are designed for a fast cycle time utilizing as few clamping bolts as necessary or adding fast-release slots.

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Mould is really well realized.
delivery is a bit long but I get messages to inform about the delivery time and it has been respected.
Good communication from seller and product conform with the expactation.
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