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SparkLiv Innovation
SparkLiv is a social impact company based in India which works towards creating circular economy of plastic waste. Our vision is to be a torch-bearing social impact company which provides sustainable after-life to all types of discarded plastic waste through circular economy. Our mission is to run a socially and financially viable recycling model, by curating products from plastic waste collected directly from waste generators and creating a market for these products among environmentally conscious individuals/institutions.
Precious Plastic Javier
Javier Offering hope to our only planet Based in Australia developing plastic recycling alternatives.
Poly CycleSystems Inc.
At Poly CycleSystems, we manufacture, sell and operate small-scale plastic recycling systems to help communities turn their plastic waste into brand new products. Our mission is to make it possible for any community to make recycling a job creator, profit generator, and a beneficial piece of infrastructure. Through the use of our systems, anyone is able to start their own business selling products made out of recycled plastic. We currently sell products and recycled plastic out of our local workshop in Ottawa, ON in addition to creating machines for those interested in starting their own recycling ventures. 
Métamorf - Precious Plastic Touraine
We are an association with the aim of reducing plastic pollution. By the transmission of knowledge and the fabrication of objects design, sustainable and desirable to ensure that our plastic end up somewhere other than Ocean.
Here we design, manufacture and market standard and tailor-made "MADE IN FRANCE" recycling machines. We strive to make quality, durable, design products while keeping the artisanal side. Each machine is manufactured in direct connection with a dozen local partners and workshops (less than 20 kilometers away) in order to reduce transport, its ecological impact and support local know-how. Launched since October 2019 on the basis of Precious Plastic, our shredders, injectors, extruders, sheets press and other recycling machines are constantly evolving by our team.
we ❤ animals and their welfare living in an environmentally friendly spaces. Designing bespoke relax products with passion and common sense that can contribute to local communities as its handcrafter locally. From smaller lifestyle pet products, through to bigger 1st-to-market portable geodesic domes.
Plastic Please
Running workshops on Plastic Recycling
BRAD by Banish
BRAD is the Banish Recycling and Disposal Program that helps recycle hard to recycle household items. We're on a mission to educate Aussies and reduce landfills.
Maritimo Recycling
We make products out of plastic from the Adriatic sea! Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: TikTok:
WalkiesAu Australia's first 100% recycled dog Poop bag holder, made in Melbourne from post-consumer single use plastic bottle caps.  We proudly manufacture our own dog poop bag holders in Melbourne using Precious Plastic Injection Machine, from bottle caps sourced from Lids4Kids Australia, creating a circular economy. Repurposing and reducing plastic waste going to landfill, our Poop bag holders are the paw-fect dog accessory, until that elusive bin is located. Keeping your hands and the planet clean.
Metrozero is a startup located in Villaputzu, Sardinia, one of Italy's main islands. We decided to tackle the plastic problem by starting various projects in the local area, with the goal of growing and creating an effective system to involve the community and keep collecting more and more. Our dream is to become a national point of interest in the recycling economy. We established a workspace wich consists of a shredder, an extruder and an injection machine, HDPE (mainly) and PP being what we work with. All the collected material comes from post-consumer waste and it's then washed and sorted by us. Here at the bazar we sell shredded material and we plan to start selling small finished products in the near future.
Circular Lab
 Collection: Clean(ed) plastic waste from PP(5), HDPE(2), LDPE(4), PS (7) & PLA(7) is welcome.  Shredder: Turns 100kg/h local plastic waste with a strong 5.5kW-motor into 5 or 8mm- flakes.  Injection, Extrusion & Sheetpress  First product: Park Bench out of 17'000 bottle caps  Let’s minimize plastic & electronic consumption and recycle what’s left and cannot be avoided. Helping finance social projects with every kilo of plastic we process. More
Precious Plastic Maleon
Precious Plastic Leon  its a community Point that that contributes with different projects around Mexico, in order to help in the creation of recycling spaces and form a local community where poople can donate either plastics or work-hours. This is  our Facebook page for Community Point Precious Plastic León where you can find more information about what we do. As part of the Leon community, it is where  Precious Plastic Maleon comes to place, regarding Machine and Moulds making . Looking to have available the latest version of the Precious Plastic Machine Universe, in order to have the BEST quality All Maleon sells contribute with 5% fee, for Community Point Leon, and another 5% to the Precious Plastic Bazar, as a circular economy model. All our Products can be shipped to the USA, MEX , or LATAM , in the standard listings. If you think your region can have a better shipping cost, please contact us, in order to have a special quote for shipping. For most of... More
Laser cutting UK
A Small UK based Laser cutting company
Carbon Fusion
We started in August 2020 with the aim to help people who want to work in the same direction by providing them machines and support. Please contact us if you need any support with your project through our site  
Micro Factory | Waste Management | Climate Advocacy | Recycled Product Shops RecoSolution , a company based in Gujarat, India, is providing a one-stop solution for all your recycling needs. We aim to introduce an adaptable change in the production model by presenting a regenerative route to use the excess waste material by creating efficient, Compact & Robust Machinery for recycling a sufficient amount of plastic waste. Our goal is to bring a change in the attitude of how people understand plastic waste by incorporating them in contributing toward a circular economy. We believe in providing state-of-the-art products in the recycling industry. Recycling, a process used for the betterment of our planet and saving costs, should use machines that are easy to use and give out less waste material. Reco solution focuses primarily on that and is in the industry to provide affordable and efficient machines and tools. Our products, while being manufactured in India, can be ordered anywhere... More
Precious Plastic Capi Spain
Precious Plastic Capi Spain ( English) Since 2019, we supply various products and advise in the war against plastic. A family company, formed by professionals in education and mechanical engineering, located in Seville ( Spain ). Our objective; reduce plastic consumption through information and education; Reuse, Reduce and Recycle ! Our motto; Honesty and quality at a fair price have allowed us to send products to the 5 continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania). Shipments successfully made to; EUROPE --> Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Cyprus, Romanía, Norway, Hungary, Austria, Denmark, Greece AFRICA --> Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia AMERICA --> United States, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Peru. ASIA -->... More
Precious Plastic Malaysia
Building and Precious Plastic machines to promote the importance of recycling plastic. So that to make a better and brighter future. Visit our website at For more information and examples visit: IG: FB: More
Easymoulds Easymoulds designs products out of recycled plastic and make injection moulds. For the development of Precious Plastic v4 we made all the injection moulds inhouse. Readymade Moulds on the Bazar On the Precious Plastic Bazar we only sell tested and proofen injection moulds which were iterated from the original designs to improve your production performance. Custom Mould Design We have a streamlined process to deliver you some of the best moulds for manual and semi automatic machines you can find on the market - tailored to your specific machine specifications. We can offer the full range from finding a feasible idea up to your final parts: Ideation and Concept - Sketches, Material Concept, Product Ranges Product Design - CAD Design, Advanced Surface Modeling, Rendering Prototyping - 3D Printing and CNC machining from real materials Design for Manufacturing - Optimizing existing CAD models to enable easy production Mould... More
Geotrupes Plasticus is the modern recycling beetle ! Any questions, just ask !  If you are curious, just visit my website  , or you can find me on  Instagram ,  TikTok  and  Facebook  ! 
El Tornillo
I design and create molds for the Precious Plastic's machines. I have some molds on stock for immediate delivery or make them on demand. Please contact me! I'm an Industrial Designer passionate on handworking and creating new things. I love working with recycled plastic to keep useful this wonderful material. Hope you love my work too!
Crea-Cregy (Arnaud)
(F) : Precious plastic signifie chez nous : "faire ce qu'on aime et aimer ce qu'on fait" C'est ce que nous faisons maintenant depuis plus de 5 ans ! Toutes nos machines sont fabriquées en France, avec une traçabilité et une qualité tout au long de la fabrication. En choisissant nos machines, vous avez accès à des technologies low-tech, abordables et améliorées tout au long de leur existence, ainsi qu'un service après-vente et des pièces détachées quand vous en aurez besoin. Si vous avez des doutes sur les matériaux que vous souhaitez traiter, contactez nous et nous pourrons tester ensemble celui-ci en appel vidéo. Nous ne faisons pas de remises sur les machines, mais nous participons volontiers aux projets les plus intéressants via des cagnottes en lignes/ Axé principalement sur la fabrications des broyeurs, nous avons aussi dans la gamme une machine à injecter et des moules adaptés aux démarrages de vos activités. Suivez nous sur Facebook, vous verrez des machines en opération partout... More
Samsara The Recycle Company
Currently Shipping in India only. We are working on International shipping. Get in touch with us to get the latest update on this. About us: As millennials, we like surrounding ourselves with aesthetically appealing, yet functional objects and spaces. As designers, we work towards making creative and innovative products that people would love to use. And as environmentally-conscious individuals, we care about the impact the things we buy and use has on our planet. We replaced our plastic straws with steel alternatives. We replaced plastic carry bags with cloth bags. We replaced plastic containers with glass and copper options. We avoided the use of single-use plastics. But doing this is not enough. For we still have a lot of plastic- plastic that is perfectly good enough to be reused- that is still clogging our environment. As designers, we are constantly creating products out of mere sketches. We believe that this power comes with a lot of responsibility. The materials we use, where and... More
Stamatis Promponas manages a windsurf school “ Laguna Beach Park ” in Naxos, Greece. In 2018 his involvement with plastic recycling began after collecting vast amounts of plastic washed ashore and subsequently hearing about Dave Hakkens ’ Precious Plastic . A lot of know-how came from Precious Plastic, Stamatis longed the idea of being able to create his own products from re-used plastic waste. One thing lead to another until AluMoulds was founded, Stamatis is now producing his own custom-designed aluminium moulds offering this product to anyone else seeking to personally start recycling/producing. During the summer months in Naxos his windsurf school gives away a recycled plastic product to anyone willing to fill one large bag with plastic collected from the beach. Bring us the trash, go away with a product! Raising awareness is one of Stamatis’ main goals, passing on knowledge to younger generations being the most fundamental. Greece doesn’t give the best example when it comes to... More
Sustainable Design Studio
About Us Sustainable Design Studio The Sustainable Design Studio is a UK-based for-profit, helping Entrepreneurs, SME's and Charities design sustainable products and businesses. The company has worked in over 45 countries, in over 6 continents and has a full-time team to make sure you get the best possible start on your recycling journey.  Rory, the founder of the organization also worked for Precious Plastic and was one of the main designers behind the Precious Plastic Brick. Shipped over 240 Machines and supplied over 350 moulds in 2022 making Sustainable Design Studio one of the biggest sellers on the Precious Plastic Bazar. We accept Purchase Orders, can provide Invoices and offer payment on delivery for Universities and Government Bodies. More information about Sustainable Design Studio can be found at: Instagram: Our Services Product Design Mould Fabrication Machine Fabrication... More
Singular MARS Ltd
Mechatronics, Aerospace, Recycling & Renewables solutions for a better future Instagram / twitter @singularmars
Zero Waste YOLO Co., Ltd.
Machine builders, Recyclers, Social Entrepreneurs partnership, Environmental and Waste Segregation Trainer  
Studio MBB
Studio MBB specializes in developing, designing, and manufacturing machinery for recycling. Our goal is to provide small scale organizations, such as educational institutions, NGOs, start-ups, and fab-labs, with high quality machinery that makes it easy for anyone to start recycling. In addition to our standard machinery, we offer a customizing service to ensure that our machines meet the specific needs of each client. We also have the expertise to develop new machinery for processing a variety of materials, including bio-based materials. At Studio MBB, we pride ourselves on our engineering and industrial design services, as well as our ability to fabricate, machine, and weld any complex parts, mechanisms, or structures. At the heart of everything we do are our core values of simplicity, durability and safety. We are committed to finding cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Thank you for choosing Studio MBB – we look forward to working with you.
Relic Plastic
Using our all-under-one-roof recycling system , we show that a circular economy is possible by taking plastic waste that has little to no value and making high-quality, handmade products that will stand the test of time. We also run workshops for all ages and styles where people can shred and recycle plastic themselves. We travel to venues or invite people to our Foundry based in Heysham, Lancashire, UK.