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Machine builder from Zwolle - Netherlands. Experience with Precious Plastic machinery since 2017. Had a mayor impact in developing the Extruder Pro during the Version 4 development and further itterations. 

My company Mainly focusses on extrusion, Injection molding and special machine building. Products include:

- Tabletop Extruder Pro

- Injection molding machines

- Mold for injection molding and extrusion

- Dies and nozzles

- Specials machinery (customer spec.)

- manufacturing

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125 x 60 x 170CM, New
Introducing the Dispoflow S30/600 The Dispoflow extruder S30/600 is a high-performance extrusion solution, based on the precious plastic extruder pro...
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113 x 50 x 65CM, New
Tabletop Extruder Pro - PBS Machinery According to drawing number: PBSEXTPRO-1 0000.00-5 PBS Machinery hereby offers a High quality tabletop version...
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110 x 14 x 14 cmCM, New
Extruder pro (PBS Machinery version 1.4) comform the attached drawing (drawing number: PBSEXTPRO-1 1000.00-4). Fully assembled.  Features: Includes the...
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