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According to drawing number: PBSEXTPRO-1 0000.00-5

PBS Machinery hereby offers a High quality tabletop version of the Extruder Pro. It includes a non-standard tabletop frame with an ergonomic swiveling electronics box mount. The screw conforms to the Precious Plastic V1.2 Extruder Pro standard and electronics box is conform the Extruder Pro V1.2 electronics box design. 

The Bearing body is upgraded to be more suitable for mass production and improved maintenance.

The barrel inlet and hopper is optimized for rougher flakes intake and the hopper design is optimized for production.

This machine is subject to continuous improvements.

Product overview video:

Tabletop Extruder Pro V1.2 Overview video (Precious Plastic)

Building kits and listings for individual assemblies soon to come!

Machine description:

  • Tabletop frame with swiveling electronics mount for ergonimics
  • Comform CE electronics box
  • VFD controlled motor
  • Original 3 zone screw - 30 mm with standard tip
  • Fully assembled and tested
  • Supported nozzle
  • Reinforced and insulated hopper design
  • Custom Heaters, covering the complete barrel for optimal heat distribution. 3x 600W
  • Bayonette type thermocouples J-type
  • Includes documentation and CAD Drawings
  • Includes operation manual
  • Includes electrical schematics

Contact directly for more information and options.

Type Single Screw, Tabletop Extruder Pro
Version Based on version 1.2, with non- Precious Plastic standard upgrades
Weight +/- 85 kg
Dimension (L x B x H ) 1130 x 500 x 650 mm
Total Power (W) 4,8 kW
Voltage 400 Vac 3 phase
Current 16 A
Input Flake Size Small
Screw diameter 30 mm
Length of screw (mm) 790 mm
Effective screw length 600 mm
Motor Type Euronorm DS100M2/IEC/FF215/TF
Reductor type Euronorm Hypoïde JKM48B
Max. Motor and Inverter power 3 kW
E-motor torque @ 50 hz 10,1 Nm
Gearbox reduction 12,49
Motor efficiency 85%
Motorreductor efficiency 85%
E-Motor speed @ 50 hz 2840 RPM
Effective Screw torque @ 50 hz 90,6 Nm
Screw speed @ 50 hz 227 rpm
Motor shaft diameter 30 mm
Motor output shaft type Hollow
Heating zones 3
Heating power: max. 1,8 kW
Output [kg/hr] up to 15 (approximation)

Terms and conditions

  • Prices are excluding VAT.
  • Price includes 5% Bazar fee and payment fee
  • Contact me for shipping costs quotations, costs may vary based on country and time.
  • Delivery time may vary, 6 - 8 weeks is an indication.
  • Standard colors are Black / metal / Yellow. Other (RAL) colors are optional
  • Molds / nozzles and/or dies are not included.
  • Fully assembled extruders are tested and calibrated in-house

Contact details

  • Company name: PBS Machinery
  • Contact name: Peter-Bas Schelling
  • Adres: Ceintuurbaan 15
  • Postcode: 8022 AW Zwolle

Contact directly for quotations for spare-parts / special nozzles and other extruder related options

Country of Origin:
Dimensions :
113 x 50 x 65CM
Weight (KG):

Item location

  • Zwolle
  • 6-8 weeks
  • Free
  • Contact directly for other shipping options and locations

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  • Each additional item: €0.00

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Tabletop Extruder Pro - PBS Machinery

PBS Machinery
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