Introducing the Dispoflow S30/600

The Dispoflow extruder S30/600 is a high-performance extrusion solution, based on the precious plastic extruder pro design. Designed for precision and versatility, this extruder comes equipped with a melt pump and is seamlessly controlled by the advanced “Flow-Connect” controller developed by flowlink BV.

Key Features of the Dispoflow S30/600

  • Height-Adjustable Frame: The extruder package is mounted on a height-adjustable frame, which also features an additional horizontal lift for easy changeovers, cleaning, and maintenance tasks. This design enhances operational flexibility and convenience.
  • Compact and Mobile: The entire extrusion system is designed to be compact and mobile, weighing less than 150 kg, making it highly adaptable for various setups and environments.

Benefits of the Melt Pump:

In this innovative concept, the extruder serves as a feed pump to the melt pump, offering a range of essential functions:

  • Melting and Mixing: The extruder efficiently melts and mixes the polymer materials, ensuring uniformity in the process.
  • Consistent Pressure and Temperature: It maintains a constant pressure and temperature while feeding the melt pump, which is crucial for achieving quality output.
  • Higher Pressure Output: The integrated melt pump empowers the extruder to achieve higher pressures, reaching up to 350 bar. This feature is essential for demanding applications.

Additional Advantages of the Melt Pump in Processing:

  • Pulsation Reduction: The melt pump effectively reduces pulsation, ensuring a smoother and more controlled extrusion process.
  • Melt Swirl Minimization: It minimizes melt swirl, resulting in a more predictable and precise extrusion.

The Flexible Frame Design:

The horizontal adjustment feature of the frame offers flexibility for integrating various auxiliary equipment between the extruder and pump, including:

  • Static mixers
  • Breaker plates/filters
  • Valves
  • Measuring equipment

Furthermore, this versatile machine can also be fitted with vertical height adjustment, allowing precise control over the nozzle height within a specific range.

Experience cutting-edge extrusion technology with the Dispoflow extruder S30/600 and its advanced features that enhance efficiency and product quality.

The complete extruder consists of the following main features and is configurable based on your requirements. The standard extruder on which the listing price is based, includes:

  • Base frame with electronics enclosure and Flowlink control system
  • Extruder (based on the extruder pro, with 30mm standard screw)
  • Vertical height adjustment 
  • One melt-pressure sensor

Options include

  • Horizontal lift (as standard, but optional)
  • Melt pump + additional melt pressure sensor (horizontal lift required!)
  • Hopperloader (option)

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Dispoflow S30/600 - Advanced lab extruder with Melt pump

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