Precious plastic Shredder shaft made form steel. Machined to Precious plastic specifications. 27 Hex with 20mm round for UCLF204 bearing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Country of Origin:
South Africa
Dimensions :
2.7 (27mm) HexCM
Weight (KG):

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South Africa: Free
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A Great job and very nice and friendly seller. can only be recommended.
Rarely have I met such a courteous and helpful salesperson. I can really only recommend him!
Awesome communication, great product (screw and barrel) and fast shipping to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Hope to work together in the future again! :)
Seller's communication is excellent. The part of the order that i received was wonderful craftsmanship. There was a problem with the shipping and part of the order was lost. This seller worked with me to make it right. Recommended.
Are you looking for a seller who would assist you all the way, ready to listen to you and has a quick response rate on the website or off the website, you have found him right here. I needed help with some details on building my shredding machine, i reached out to him, he responded promptly and gave me honest suggestions and contributions. It's as if we are building the machine together.

Contact here today if you want a prompt, reachable and smooth job.
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Shredder shaft ( Free shipping in South Africa)

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