Thank you for sharing the details about your shredder kit! It sounds like a robust and efficient solution. Let’s break down the key features:

  1. Material: The kit comprises laser-cut parts made from A36 steel. This material is known for its corrosion resistance, durability, and suitability for industrial applications.
  2. Thickness: The stainless steel components come in three different thicknesses:
    • 3 mm
    • 4.7mm
    • 6.3mm
  3. Assembly:
    • The kit is disassembled.
    • Not Welded

Overall, this shredder kit seems well-engineered and user-friendly. Stainless steel ensures longevity, and the laser-cut precision ensures accurate fitment. Whether you’re recycling plastic or processing other materials, this kit should serve you well! 

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Laser Cut Parts for Shredder V2.1 - A36 STEEL

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