Crafted from clean household bottle top lids, these flakes come in every colour of the rainbow, adding vibrancy to your projects while reducing plastic waste. Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration or a micro-recycling enthusiast, these versatile flakes offer endless possibilities.

Made from recycled materials, these flakes are an eco-conscious choice for environmentally friendly projects. By using recycled plastic, you're helping to reduce waste and protect the planet.

The material has been sorted and washed before being shredded to approximately 5mm flakes. 

Note: For orders over 3kg shipping will be calculated after check out. Pick up is also available from Banish at Sydney's Central Station.

#4 Low Density Poly Ethylene LDPE, the softest plastic that we shred, it is lightweight and flexible. It's most commonly used for milk bottle top lids and is the plastic used to make these coasters and clipboards.

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Recycled Shredded Plastic Flakes (#4 LDPE)

BRAD by Banish
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