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Jana Pawła II 21/24
Siemianowice Śląskie , 41-100
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I'm a huge fan of plastic recycling. I agree with Dave that together we can change the world and decrease the plastic polution on earth. I have access to materials and people who have the machines and can create some parts for me. I created based on Dave's instructions a shredder and it works perfect :) Unfortunetly I don't have enough place to create other machines.... But I hope it will change in the future.

I'm intrested in plastic pyrolisys - convert plastic waste in to oil.

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Quick response, quick delivery and quality of work.
I chose Jacek over the other makers for his track record and finishing. He was very good communicating with me and additional items and details for the project that I wanted.
very excellent quality and really easy to assemble
I bought the shredder from Jacek and everything is working great! The shredder is functional and it even arrived a lot sooner than anticipated!

Would definitely order again!
very helpful man, very clear information
nicely finished parts, I would definitely order from him again
I have bought 4 Shredder kit to Jacek and all working well.
Very Good,

Excellent Quality and Minimal Maintenance required
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