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Jana Pawła II 21/24
Siemianowice Śląskie , 41-100
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I'm a huge fan of plastic recycling. I agree with Dave that together we can change the world and decrease the plastic polution on earth. I have access to materials and people who have the machines and can create some parts for me. I created based on Dave's instructions a shredder and it works perfect :) Unfortunetly I don't have enough place to create other machines.... But I hope it will change in the future.

I'm intrested in plastic pyrolisys - convert plastic waste in to oil.

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A very good job Jacek !
A very serious and experimented person. You can ask him any question on how to build the shreeder, and will answer you without any problems.

I received my shredder kit, and mounted it without any problems. As a 25 years old machinist, I can tell the parts are very good and feets nicely ! Every parts are included in the package, I haven't to add anything to assemble the shredder.

Now, I have just to put my motor with the motoreducer I've bought and everything should work great !

Excellent quality!
Thank you.
The heaviest puzzle I ever made, but everything fits together nicely. Quality work !!!
Just got my shredder from Jacek.
Works perfectly and Jacek is very helpful with anything.
I haven't give it a try yet, but it looks as a good quality machine, easy to assemble and each piece is almost perfect, no troubles at all putting it all together, fast delivery and super-fast communication, highly recommended, will buy again if needed, thanks.
Quick shipment, the shredder blades kit is all fine. Super professional service.

Thank you
Everything went well, very positive experience!
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