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By: Plastify

6x6x0.5CM, Injection Machine, MIX
Beautiful recycled plastic coasters made using Precious Plastic injection machine. Plastic sourced from local household waste. 100% recycled HDPE and LDPE...
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By: recycle on the spot / studio.rawparadise

8x13CM, Injection Machine, PP
A soapdish made from recycled polypropylene, each piece is unique, but it is possible to choose a main color (red, yellow, green, blue, black). If you want...
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By: Samsara The Recycle Company

Dia:9cm H:1cmCM, HDPE, Compression Machine
Draw attention to your drink with these cool and modish coasters featuring a speckled design. These set-of-four coasters come in three colour options-...
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