Hi! Wanna buy our hugefancy 3D-pinter?

Key facts:
- The industrial extruder can deliver almost 10 kg/h
- Printable area: 1300x1444x1500 mm^3
- Uses granulate material for extruding
- It is almost new! (We only used it for a few test prints.)
- The machine is very precise (see the round print) – there is no wabble or anything. Or G-code made the lights (example prints) look.
- You get 300 kg HDPE for free on top!
- The printer runs on Marlin (open source)
- There are also components for a massiv heated build plate, which is not finished yet
- If you are a nice person, we can talk about selling our hugefancy instagram channel with the printer (http://instagram.com/hugefancy/)

More pictures and the printer in action:

Country of Origin:
Dimensions :
Weight (KG):

Item location

  • Halle/Saale
  • 1-2 weeks
  • Free
  • We have only thought about self-collection. Shipping can certainly be made possible somehow. The printer is built so that it can be disassembled into four sections - so it fits in a normal 3,5t transporter van.

Domestic shipping to

  • One item: €3,000.00
  • Each additional item: €0.00

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hugefancy 3D-printer

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