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Geotrupes Plasticus is the modern recycling beetle !
Plastic is the new shit, and I love it !

Any questions, just ask ! I'm in Belgium at the French border so I can send from France of Belgium, whatever is cheaper for you ! :)

Marie is simply the best! She has the fastest response time and is so so dedicated to what she does. I had very specific requests about the color and she sent me loads of photos so I could pick the right colors. She is also collecting special colors for me, so I am looking forward to making even more orders when she has collected the plastic :D
She also washed her plastic in a very environmentally correct way, and I am happy to know that I am buying from an environmentally conscious vendor.
Fast and clean, will buy again!
Everything was perfect! We had a really nice contact with great support. Thanks a lot!
Friendly, fast and very helpful. Highly recommended seller!
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