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Pfotenhauerstraße 45
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Plastic- and electro-waste recycling in Dresden-Johannstadt

Ꙭ Collection -> Clean(ed) plastic waste from PP(5), HDPE(2), LDPE(4) & PS(6) is welcome :)
֍ Shredder -> Turns 4kg/h local plastic waste with a strong 3kW-motor into 5 or 8mm- flakes
▼ Injector -> Shoots up to 150ml of molten plastic flakes into nice moulds
∞ First product -> Dodecahedron lamp with a body from recycled plastic and electronics from electronic waste :)



Screwdriver Set and Box look super cool. Perfect set for common houshold repairs. I will keep it within range for all kinds of tasks which don't need the big tool kit from the cellar. The compact box keeps everything nicely together.
Great high quality product!
screwdrivers received and excellent communication with Johannplasto ! keep doing your amazing work.
Thomas is a nice guy, we ordered one screwdriver, we got 2 because he said the first one was not so perfekt but we think bouth of them are very cool. Also we got 2 carabiner for free. Thank you Thomas! :)
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