Specially Designed for Plastic Sheet Cutting and Engraving.

"Unlock precision and efficiency with our state-of-the-art CNC router machines. Ideal for a wide range of materials, including wood, plastic, and Acrylic, our CNC routers deliver unparalleled accuracy in cutting, carving, and engraving. Explore limitless possibilities for intricate designs and seamless fabrication. Elevate your manufacturing process with our advanced CNC router technology, designed to meet the demands of precision craftsmanship. Experience innovation at its best with RECOSOLUTION LLP."

• Original Italian spindle gives you very stable, trouble-free, maintenance-free performance for the
A long period of time.
• 20 mm linear guide ways for high positional accuracy and long life with high motion accuracy
• Axis drive systems: X, Y-Rack and Z-Ball Screw.
• Periodic lubrication maintenance provided by the automatic lubrication systems.
• It will start the work automatically at the point from which the power cut off
• High rigid frame structure can achieve high speed and high accuracy.
• The precise large power spindle can provide high speed engraving and fine processing.
• Precise travelling of Y axis driven by double motor ensures stable performance of machine.
• Filtration system provided which filters the cutting oil from stone dust and re-circulate cutting oil ongoing.

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Our CNC ROUTER MACHINE are CE CERTIFIED Under the below directives and Standards
1. 2006/42/EC
2. 2014/35/EU 
3. EN ISO 12100: 2010
4.  EN 60204-1: 2018
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Purchased A pro screw from this company. Did not bother to send it for a month and also sent it to the wrong address and did not give me a shipping number after I requested it several times.
:I bought V3 shredder from this guys, I like the support and training they provide virtually to run the shredder.

Service support is really appreciative.
Excited to work with you guys, very supportive team.
I purchased Extrusion screw Pro and Extrusion barrel pro a month ago.

It worked well.
They are offering the cheapest price with good quality sheets.
I was totally satisfied with their services.
I was completely satisfied with their product.
I had ordered Grey recycled plastic for my partitions at my house. It was perfectly fitted and the whole process was smooth and transparent.
I highly recommended this company
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