Plastic Washing System

We at Precious Plastic India an Experienced team of Engineers have manufactured Compact & Robust machinery for recycling plastic waste at the source"


  • Introducing the efficient washing system to clean dirty shredded plastic.
  • The washing system has a fully closed loop water system that is capable of cleaning and filtering the water so it can be reused again for cleaning for a longer period.
  •  First shredding the dirty plastic you create a uniform mixture of plastic.
  • The tank uses a combination of agitation and friction to remove contaminants from the plastic flakes.

Technical Scope:


1) Heavy Duty washing tank with Metal framing: 1nos
2) Pre-filters with pumping system: 2 nos.
3) Reserve Tank & Recycling Filters: 2 nos.
  • Input - Plastic types HDPE, LDPE, PP, PET, PS, ABS, MLP
  • Input- Flake size 4-40mm
  • Output Capacity - weight 50-60 kg/h (customizable based on your Requirement) 


  • Metal Electronic box fitted with all electrical components.
  • MCB: Reputed make MCB in line with every heating zone supply
  • Other Electrical Outfits: Contactors, Synchronization card, standard cord wiring with PVC conduct channel framing.
  • Phase Synchronizer and Over Voltage Protection as per CE Standard


  • The goal of the washing system is to take dirt & contaminants off the plastic. To do so, we use water as a medium to absorb the dirt and extract it from the plastic.
  • The input of the washing system is dirty, shredded plastic. This should have a size of 5-40 mm
  • Just as with the shredder, you want to wash per type of plastic and color, so you can control the quality of your recycled plastic material.

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Happy to order sheet press Workshop,
I found that Abhishek was the most helpful with my purchase. He sent me all I needed about it. Eagerly waiting for the order. Full team was very nice and strong. it was so easy and perfect fit for me as I needed with no trouble. Thankyou for help me and I liked how nice it looks. I feel safe now.
I ordered multiple items shredder, sheet press and some PP sheets. They all were delivered on time and packed nicely. They helped with the setup and even some issues we face after setup. It was totally worth ordering from different country as service is exceptional and price is also reasonable.
Ordered sheet press 1.5m, shredder machine and V3 extruder for expansion of my workshop in Houston. The quality, finishing and product is exceptional! Their team is very patient to help with virtual setup and provided me quick response and feedback. I was skeptical to order it all the way across from different country but it turned out to be great decision and saved lot of money as well! Highly recommended!
Great Service, Quick reply and good machine.
Thank you for helping me set up my workshop
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