Making stuff from recycled plastic is pretty cool, but we know we need to break up with plastic in the long run. That’s why Jannis From Precious Plastic created Beyond Plastic, a project researching biodegradable alternatives to plastic as well as different methods to produce products.

From Jannis' research resulted the Beyond Plastic Bio Press - a strong heat press that allows you to turn a lot of different organic materials (like food waste) into biodegradable products like plates, bowls or cups. He set out to make single-use objects as we want to get rid of single-use plastics first. Woohoo!

see this movie for the results of this Wonderful machine:

Mark (Me) from Studio MBB took Jannis' design and made an new and improved version: https://bazar.preciousplastic....

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hello i live in zurich switzerland, can you send me this machine to switzerland
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Beyond Plastic Press

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