OPOLAB - FAB´lab Porto

OPO'Lab is a multidisciplinary center and the first FabLab in Portugal dedicated to think and explore the creative use of new technologies in architecture, engineering, design and other artistic fields, by promoting research, education and cultural activities. Since its founding year, 2010, the OPO-LAB has contributed to the development and realization of projects proposed by countless creative minds that challenge the limits.

This project assumes therefore a key strategic role in the context in which it operates, to establish important partnerships with other social actors such as public authorities, schools and associations, cultural and scientific advancement.

Ideas aren't just dreams, at OPO'Lab they become a reality!

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This has been an absolute disaster.

The order has actually been by default marked as complete and I have absolute no sign of the machines arriving. Truly unprofessional leaning on dishonest and fraudulent.

Steve D about listing 4 Machines all set 5 months ago.

I would like to say that OPOLAB so far have been very helpful and kept us we informed of the progress of the manufacturing of our items

We can’t wait for the end product to get to us

Thanks very much

DAY1 Dave

Dave H about listing 4 Machines all set 7 months ago.