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 For many years, we have been looking at the amount of rubbish that flows through our surroundings - from apartments, houses, schools, workplaces through entire cities to the whole world, rivers to the oceans.

 A common question is where these tons of mostly plastic end up, what's going on with it?

Globally, we do not know, but locally we can see that it is in the forest or in the ditches by the roads. Therefore, while taking a walk or running, we collect plastic individually, in groups at school meetings.

However, in the timeline, most of  plastic rubbish is within our basic reach, at the household level.

 We decided to turn it into a product.

 And we did it like this:

We sort the plastic according to the number in the triangle

We shred it with a home made shredder inspired by Precious Plastic

We melt it and press into the mold with an injector powered by PV energy  


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28mm - diameter of knob, spacer size from 10mm to 25mm, spacer diameter - 5 - 8 mmCM, Injection Machine, PP
Ecofloral presents: Drawer knob made of our domestic PP plastic. The production process (shredding, injection) used renewable energy, so the carbon...
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12CM, Injection Machine, PP
Hello, Ecofloral presents: Some more details on this product Dimensions - 12cm/5cm, made of our and friends household waste plastic, we use Precious...
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