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We supply various products and advise on the fight against plastic.

Honesty and quality at a fair price

Suministramos diversos productos y asesoramos en la lucha contra el plástico.

Honestidad y calidad a un precio justo.

Nous fournissons divers produits et conseillons sur la lutte contre le plastique.

Honnêteté et qualité à un prix juste

Wir liefern verschiedene Produkte und beraten im Kampf gegen Kunststoff.

Ehrlichkeit und Qualität zu einem fairen Preis

Forniamo vari prodotti e consigliamo sulla lotta alla plastica.

Onestà e qualità ad un prezzo equo


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Good product, very attentive seller.
All the parts came and Miguel was extremely helpful with any questions I had.
Todo perfecto, desde la compra hasta la recepción. Nos llegó en 5 días. Muy atentos y amables. Lo recomiendo.
Although the shipping time by the seller was fast, I had a problem with the transport company (Correos) because they had to deliver it on Friday and from that day until the Tuesday I received it they always said that they were distributing it and the order never arrived.

On Monday I sent an email to the seller and he immediately called me by phone to find out the status of the order and send a claim to the Post Office.

In the end I received it on Tuesday without problems and I am happy with the purchase. I would buy from this seller again if necessary.
Perfect quality and very fast delivery even in times of covid 19. From paying till i had the shredder at home it took just 7 days from Spain to Germany. I'm also very happy about the quality of the parts. The material itself is very good but also the manufacturing. I had to file like nothing. Thanks capi2011!
Very professional, quick delivery and quick in responding all questions. Material was good and high quality. Top service, I recommend!
Todo correcto muy atento, se entregó en el plazo acordado, y además es un producto de muy buena calidad!!
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