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Stamatis Promponas manages a windsurf school “Laguna Beach Park” in Naxos, Greece.

In 2018 his involvement with plastic recycling began after collecting vast amounts of plastic washed ashore and subsequently hearing about Dave HakkensPrecious Plastic. A lot of know-how came from Precious Plastic, Stamatis longed the idea of being able to create his own products from re-used plastic waste.

One thing lead to another until AluMoulds was founded, Stamatis is now producing his own custom-designed aluminium moulds offering this product to anyone else seeking to personally start recycling/producing.

During the summer months in Naxos his windsurf school gives away a recycled plastic product to anyone willing to fill one large bag with plastic collected from the beach. Bring us the trash, go away with a product!

Raising awareness is one of Stamatis’ main goals, passing on knowledge to younger generations being the most fundamental. Greece doesn’t give the best example when it comes to environmental awareness and waste management, hopefully the time has come for this to change.

AluMoulds key features:

- A passion for custom mould production!
- Send us your logo and we'll suggest a mould design just for you!
- Plastic products from recycled plastic.
- CNC mould production.

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All gooooood :)
Todo perfecto
The spinning top mold is difficult to align. I appreciate that you wanted to use recycled metal, but it significantly diminished the quality of your product.
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