Meaningful Material: Our Handcrafted Plastic Sheets from Recycled PS Plastic

Discover the beauty of purpose in our hand-made plastic sheets, created from recycled PS plastic waste, and sourced from items like white goods and electronic waste. Each of our sheets carries a unique story of recycling and sustainability, making them more than just a product.

In our studio, talented artisans meticulously craft each sheet with care, infusing them with quirky patterns and embracing imperfections that narrate their recycling journey. These 3x3ft sheets are not just samples; they are a testament to our commitment to environmental responsibility and creative design.

Experience the essence of recycled artistry with a set of 25 sheets, each carrying its own distinct tale of transformation. Join us in celebrating the beauty of materials with meaning.

Note :

1)Sheet size: 3x3ft

2) Thickness: 15 mm ( custom option available)

3) Total quantity: 25 Sheets

Country of Origin:
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Source of Plastic:
Industrial waste
Type of plastic
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  • New Delhi
  • 2-3 weeks
  • Free

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Recycled Plastic Sheet sample ( 3 ft x 3 ft ) : Total 25 sheets(15mm)

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