Clean polypropylene (PS - 5) in small to medium size chips in a clear/transparent colour. A useful neutral for colour blends. Offered with free postage within the UK and plastic free packaging.  

We love this translucent shredded plastic and we’re finding it really useful. It takes on colours really well when injection moulded and through the translucency it adds to a moulding it adds depth to the look of the plastic of an item. 

Precious Plastic East is a social enterprise in the east of England. We collect business, residential and beach clean waste plastic for the manufacture of new recycled plastic products. We have a workshop in Great Yarmouth from which we clean, shred and injection mould from the plastic we collect. The plastic that we don't use for our own products we offer to like minded social enterprises, projects and individuals. 

This polypropylene was collected from a local charity in Norfolk and shredded at our workshop with an industrial granulator, rather than our Precious Plastic shredder. We process high volumes of this plastic and so can offer quantity rates if you're taking more than 10kg.

Send us a message if you're interested in international shipping costs. 

Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
Source of Plastic:
Consumer waste
Type of plastic
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United Kingdom (Great Britain):
  • Great Yarmouth
  • 3-5 business days
  • Free
  • Collection in person welcome. Our workshop is in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

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United Kingdom (Great Britain):

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PP clear/transparent - clean, shredded post-consumer (Free UK shipping)

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