Recycled, clean fine shredded white HDPE plastic ready for melting. This is great to use to "pad out" your own post consumer plastic, to help with color designs, and to help you in your early days of experimenting in the PP world!

Country of Origin:
Shredded Plastic Size:
Small (0 - 7 mm)
Source of Plastic:
Industrial waste
Type of plastic
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United States:
  • Charlotte
  • 1-2 weeks
  • Free
  • USPS domestic flat rate box for 2.2lbs is $13.50. Larger amounts should have a better rate relative to the price. Contact us to calculate shipping for better rates, different amounts or to pick up.

    *** more colors and PP coming soon*** contact<

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  • One item: €13.50
  • Each additional item: €6.00
Inspired Plastics did great work on the shredded plastic I asked for. They were also responsive when I had a question for them. In addition, they seem to be open to accepting my own plastic and shredding it for me.

Here is to hoping for a good working relationship!
Great seller! I bought the coasters and I love them! They are so unique, beautiful and durable and match so well with my coffee table. I will be ordering more items for sure.
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Fine Shredded Plastic - HDPE white - 2.2 lbs

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