Clean and colour sorted industrial waste shredded to approx 6mm shred. 

Make colours go further
You can use clear to help bulk out colours you already have and make them last longer so you don't run out so quick. Use a low percentage and you won't even tell there is clear in the mix. Use at a high percentage and create more marbled patterns and cool depth to your products. 

Help flow rate
This clear plastic flows really nicely! You can use it to help products you perhaps struggle to inject or use alongside difficult to inject plastic such as fishing rope.

Save time, space and cost
Buying plastic pre-shredded means you don't have to collect, store and sort plastic yourself which saves a lot of headache! Buying shredded plastic means less wear and tear on your own shredders and saves the labour time involved in shredding. 

Select from 5kg, 10kg, 14kg amounts. Bulk amounts come with a larger discount! Get in touch for samples or even larger amounts. 

Shredded Plastic Size:
Medium (0 - 10 mm)
Source of Plastic:
Industrial waste
Type of plastic

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United Kingdom (Great Britain):
Beautifully done!
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5kg Clear Transparent PP Plastic Shred - Clean - For Injecting, Extruding, Sheets

Relic Plastic
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