We are a spanish plastic recycling Start-Up, we want to provide the Precious Plastic comunity with clean, quality, affordable plastic flakes so they can develop their workshops and products. We want to be a more local alternative to the iberian peninsula and southern Europe so they can get their material faster and cheaper. We deliver our shredded plastic in reused and reusable airtight containers we get from local post-consume tuppers.

Also we think it´s important the flexibility in our formats, it means we deliver every quantity from 200g up to as much we can provide. Our plastic is collected, cleaned and treated manually so we can get a valuable raw material we and the rest of the recycling comunity can use.

Technical description:

Country of origin: Spain

Type of plastic: PET 1

Colour: Crystal Transparent

State: Clean and without label

Origin: Industrial waste

Contamination: Low or inexistent presence of other colours or types of plastic

Country of Origin:
Source of Plastic:
Industrial waste
Type of plastic

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PET - Clean Shredded Crystal Transparent (0,0075€/g)

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