We have separated polypropylene by color and shredded it finely; having the colors set as variations of a single listing should let you get discounted combined shipping when you buy multiple colors. For a single kilogram in the USA, we will typically send in a flat-rate padded Priority Mail envelope. Multiple kilos may go by UPS or FedEx if not US Mail.

Amber: Transparent amber polypropylene, finely shredded. Excellent melting and flow, suitable for injection molding. We collect, rinse, and shred medicine vials from local pharmacists who would otherwise dispose of them in the trash.

Blue: A variety of blue hues from medium to dark. The plastic comes from mixed sources including lids from vitamin/pill bottles.

Gray: A nice, neutral, non-threatening color. A lot of our gray polypropylene comes from protein shake bottles.

Mostly White: This is white polypropylene with printing on it, resulting in flecks of assorted colors. Raw material shredded for this may include caps, lids, and dairy tubs.

Natural/Clear: Uncolored PP from many sources such as the inner lids from pill bottle caps, deli/takeout containers, broken storage bins, and much more. Recycled natural PP tends to look pretty unattractive by itself, but it is great for extending another color or making a translucent tint.

Random Mix: All sorts of colors mixed together from varied sources. Depending on your use, it may blend together to a solid color (via extrusion); or you may keep distinct color bits if pressed into a sheet for example.

Winter Mint: These are harvested from child-safe medicine vial lids, obtained from local pharmacies who would otherwise dispose of them in the trash. We separate the two parts of the lids (PP and LDPE) and shred into small flakes. The plastic is white, but the green text is dispersed throughout as a fine speckling.

Shredded Plastic Size:
Small (0 - 7 mm)
Source of Plastic:
Consumer waste
Type of plastic
Weight (KG):

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Polypropylene in various colors, Finely Shredded, 1 kg

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