5mm maximum size HDPE flakes. Available in multicolor, white, black, red, yellow, blue and more

ProTip: Use translucent or opaque to mix with other colors so that it yields more. Most of these colors can be mixed up to 50%with the translucent without loosing significant brightness.

Due to handling costs there is a minimum purchase amount of 5lbs required.

For a wider variety you can order the total amount of one color and message us with the specific amounts per color and type.

Country of Origin:
Puerto Rico
Shredded Plastic Size:
Small (0 - 7 mm)
Source of Plastic:
Consumer waste
Type of plastic
Weight (KG):

Item location

Puerto Rico:
  • Rio Piedras
  • 3-5 business days
  • Free
  • You can purchase via the PreciousPlastic Bazar or directly from our location in 1071 William Jones, Rio Piedras Puerto Rico 00925

    Customer can also contact us via email or phone at:


Domestic shipping to

Puerto Rico:
  • One item: €0.00
  • Each additional item: €0.00

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#2 HDPE 0.5-5mm 5lbs.

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