Screwdriver Set from Plastic Waste ♻️

This screwdriver set contains the most common bits and sockets you can use in the household, in the workshop or on the go. Whether assembling furniture, doing handicrafts, screwing a bike, or whatever, this sustainable set will help you.

The case is held tightly together by the 8 pressed-in magnets, so it can be taken anywhere and easily opened and closed.

With each set, 265g of plastic waste is recycled and thus protected from the environment. We recycle local plastic waste from residents of the city of Dresden (Germany), which means that the waste is sorted, shredded and recycled directly. This saves transport routes and prevents the garbage from ending up on huge, difficult-to-sort and difficult-to-clean piles of garbage.


  • Case: 100% recycled plastic waste from Polypropylene (5) + 8 Magnets
  • Handle: 100% recycled plastic waste from HDPE (2)
  • 1/4″ bit holder
  • Attachments:
    • 1x HEX2
    • 1x HEX3
    • 1x HEX4
    • 1x HEX5
    • 1x HEX6
    • 1x S4 (0,6×4,5)
    • 2x S5 (0,8×5,5)
    • 1x S6 (1,2×6,5)
    • 1x PH1
    • 1x PZ1
    • 2x PZ2
    • 1x PZ3
    • 1x 1/4″ Adapter
    • 1x TX10
    • 1x TX15
    • 1x TX20
    • 1x TX25
    • 1x TX30
    • 1x 7mm Socket
    • 1x 8mm Socket
    • 1x 10mm Socket
    • 1x 13mm Socket
Country of Origin:
Dimensions :
Made with::
Injection Machine
Source of Plastic:
Consumer waste
Type of plastic
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  • Each additional item: €2.75
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  • Each additional item: €2.75
Absolutely delighted with my knives! they are soooo amazing. Thank you very much Thomas :-)
good quality of product, fast delivery. Thank you !
Screwdriver Set and Box look super cool. Perfect set for common houshold repairs. I will keep it within range for all kinds of tasks which don't need the big tool kit from the cellar. The compact box keeps everything nicely together.
Great high quality product!
screwdrivers received and excellent communication with Johannplasto ! keep doing your amazing work.
Thomas is a nice guy, we ordered one screwdriver, we got 2 because he said the first one was not so perfekt but we think bouth of them are very cool. Also we got 2 carabiner for free. Thank you Thomas! :)
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Screwdriver Set - 25 pcs

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