This is the mountain that led to our involvement with Precious Plastics. It's a pretty niche application, but we want to show it in the Bazar as an example of the diverse consumer goods that should be made with recycled material.

The limited Deluxe edition of Dice Miner from Atlas Games included a plastic mountain made of virgin PVC. We have had many requests for the plastic mountain as an upgrade to the standard game's punchboard mountain, but we were determined not to use PVC again because of its environmental impact. We brought our injection mold to the United States and found a local manufacturer willing to experiment with 100% recycled material that we provided, using our Precious Plastics Pro shredder.

Our new mountain upgrade is made entirely of recycled material. It is durable high density polyethylene, 2.5mm thick. We collect and shred plastic from our community on the shores of Lake Superior -- material that can be recycled, but was otherwise going to landfill because it is in a shape (such as small aspirin bottles) that the local recycling system does not accept.

  • HDPE plastic mountain to upgrade your Dice Miner game
  • Made in USA from bottles (including small bits of labels and foil, so you can tell it's recycled!), that would otherwise go to our local landfill
  • The mountain shows which dice can be drafted, which will be next, and how the rest will slide and fall when dwarves share beer.

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Dice Miner Board Game Recycled Plastic Mountain

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