Gamers love dice, and while your Dungeons & Dragons character is saving their world, shouldn't you save ours? Play a hero and be a hero by keeping plastic from going into landfill at the same time!

Each recycled die is unique, based on the mix of colors and material sources for the plastic we load into the injection mold. Polypropylene dice are made from such things as lids, takeout and deli containers, fast food drink cups, straws, yogurt tubs, pharmacy vials, and much more, which would otherwise not be recycled in our community.

Each set contains a selection of six randomly colored dice, with hand-inked numbers. The dice are eight-sided, with our Replay Workshop logo in place of the number 8. We hope to prove market demand for recycled gaming dice and eventually offer a full line of polyhedra.

Country of Origin:
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Injection Machine
Source of Plastic:
Consumer waste
Type of plastic
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8-sided tabletop game dice, set of 6

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