160 single use plastic milk lids donated to us by the Lids4Kids Australia community go into the making of your Track-in-a-box.

This 100% recycled plastic interconnecting track consist of 16 individual pieces and when connected together makes a complete circle loop, with each track containing 10 single use plastic milk lids they will each have their own unique look.

Able to connect to pre-existing wooden tracks this is a fantastic idea for young children as it will lead to discussions about sustainability and how we can be the change. It will show something that is fun and educational all came from something destined for the bin, or worse, our oceans.

Boxed in reclaimed wooden veneer handmade by our friends at Box Brothers Australia, it completes the package for any young sustainable warriors in your life.

Available colours: Solar Flare, Purple Nebula, Skye Blue, Mother Earth

Children learn through play, and every lid counts!

WARNING! Chocking Hazard – Not suitable for children under 3 years or individuals who may have the tendency to put things in their mouths.

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Injection Machine
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Consumer waste
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Track-In-A-Box 16 Piece Full Circle

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