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Made by LT Custom Creations in Australia.

Our Recycled Plastic Coasters are handmade from 100% recycled plastic and are a fantastic housewarming gift idea for families, a unique Mother’s Day gift idea, or a wedding present idea made right here in Australia! Their bright colours and captivating swirls are sure to liven up the home - they are certainly a conversation starter!

Of course, being handmade, there will imperfections in the surface of the coasters, but in a world of glossy mass-produced consumer goods, we must savour and delight in the few handmade products still available to us. This also means that no two coasters are the same – each one is as unique as a fingerprint, though not as essential nor incriminating.

Each set comes with a matching round coaster holder which is included in the price - so when your coasters wander off, you can bring them back home.


  • 100% recycled HDPE
  • That's all!


  • Individual coasters: 94mmx7mm (43g)
  • Set of 6 with stand: 94mmx70mm (350g)


Note: colours and patterns will vary from images shown on screen due to the availability of certain colours and the making process. Please allow for different shades of the same colours to be mixed together.

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Compression Machine
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Mixed Sources
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These coaster are fantastic! My mug never gets stuck to them and they brighten up my house heaps
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Recycled Plastic Coasters Set of 6 with Coaster Holder - all HDPE

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