The Eco-Pots!

Made from Recycled Plastic these fellows can survive all climates and environments.
Equipped with excellent heat-insulating characteristics they will ensure the steady growth of your green housemates.

So take your first step towards sustainable gardening this New Year and welcome Eco-Pots in your life.


Eco-Pot: Made of 100% Recycled Plastic.

Pot Dimension:-

Height – 4 inch
Diameter – 3.5 inch

– Designed to last up to five years outdoors, and up to twice as long indoors.
– Suitable for all climates, environments, and applications where plastic, clay, or wooden containers are used.
– Resistant to freezing and thawing damage.
– Created with excellent heat-insulating characteristics that result in outstanding root development and overall
plant performance.
– Intended to be used above ground only.
– Effective at promoting drainage and ensuring proper air movement.
– A leading product in the sustainable gardening movement.

Country of Origin:
Made with::
Injection Machine
Source of Plastic:
Industrial waste
Type of plastic
Weight (KG):

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ECO-POTS : Recycled Plastic Planter I Pack of 5 Eco-pots

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