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We are Plastic Guys from Brno - Czech Republic. Together with Plastmakers we present you our new product - design coasters from recycled plastic. 

Its design was inspired by real czech mountine topography of iconic Ještěd (1012 mamsl). All coasters were hand made in Liberec on Precious Plastic injection machine from local plastic waste. 

There are 6 basic colour versions. You can order a set of 4x or 6x same colour version. But every piece is an original. :) 
For bigger order (from 50 pcs.) we can give you a special price and also we are able to adjust a mould and mark a brand logo of your company on product.

Product parameters: 
- diameter 120mm
- thickness 8mm
- made from recycled HDPE or PP
- weight 60g 

Our goal is to introduce plastic recycling to more people. All purchases support the further development of our activities and cleaning events in nature. ♻


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Czech Republic:
  • Brno
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    As a guys from small Czech republic, we are able to give it to your h

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I ordered a recycled plastic sheets from these guys one month ago. Everything was perfect - communication, time delivering, final product. I can highly recommend.
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