Ok, we know this isn't BIG but this is the biggest that can be made with our PlasticPreneur injection machines. So we've called it that.

Measures 10.5cm tall by 11cm diameter at the top and 8.5cm diameter at the bottom.

Made of 100% recycled plastic in our Foundry in the northwest of England, we collect, sort, clean, shred, mix, inject, and finish everything by hand.

Made of Polypropylene - PP [5] Drawing from a stock of DVD cases, coat hangers, tupperware lids, plastic bottle tops, and more to create our handmixed colours.

Picture 1: Berry Blast
Picture 2: Lunar Landing
Picture 3: Ocean
Picture 4: Acid Lick
Picture 5: Tie-Dye
Picture 6: Malachite
Picture 7: Kintsugi
Picture 8: Kaboom
Picture 9: Marble
Picture 10&11: Bottle Top Green & Red

Special sources: Ocean Plastic is made using fishing net rope reclaimed from the ocean. PPE is made of sterilised PPE masks

The last two with the two-tone green-and-white and red-and-white are HDPE [2] made of plastic bottle tops collected locally by a group called 'The Plastic Bottle Top Project'.

Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
Dimensions :
11 x 10.5CM
Made with::
Injection Machine
Source of Plastic:
Mixed Sources
Type of plastic
Weight (KG):

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United Kingdom (Great Britain):
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Beautifully done!
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Relic Plastic | Big Pot

Relic Plastic
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