GARDEN BENCH - Made From PET Bottle Caps

Handcrafted from locally sourced plastic bottle caps waste streams, and comes with a 15-year warranty. 

The Product Dimensions: L:53 Inch B:22 H:19 Inch

 Weighing in at close to 40kgs, it is firmly weatherproof, Unlike traditional wooden benches, it is termite-proof & doesn't need regular cleaning

Because we make our benches from local plastic, each bench is unique, and no one product will have exactly the same colours as another. If you'd prefer a specific colour, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate but we try not to use artificial chemicals to give false colours so please bear this in mind!

Country of Origin:
Dimensions :
134 x 56 x 48CM
Made with::
Sheet Press Machine
Source of Plastic:
Mixed Sources
Type of plastic
Weight (KG):

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Happy to order sheet press Workshop,
I found that Abhishek was the most helpful with my purchase. He sent me all I needed about it. Eagerly waiting for the order. Full team was very nice and strong. it was so easy and perfect fit for me as I needed with no trouble. Thankyou for help me and I liked how nice it looks. I feel safe now.
I ordered multiple items shredder, sheet press and some PP sheets. They all were delivered on time and packed nicely. They helped with the setup and even some issues we face after setup. It was totally worth ordering from different country as service is exceptional and price is also reasonable.
Ordered sheet press 1.5m, shredder machine and V3 extruder for expansion of my workshop in Houston. The quality, finishing and product is exceptional! Their team is very patient to help with virtual setup and provided me quick response and feedback. I was skeptical to order it all the way across from different country but it turned out to be great decision and saved lot of money as well! Highly recommended!
Great Service, Quick reply and good machine.
Thank you for helping me set up my workshop
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GARDEN BENCH (Made from PET bottle caps)

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