Who said freckles don't look cute.

This table top is made of 100% recycled post-consumer plastic waste. This particular one of old cosmetics containers. Tubular legs are created by a Czech company producing metal furniture since 1908. These two parts together represent both innovative & traditional approach.

You can play around with the legs, attach them both in one direction or in different directions. Each table comes with screws, you can attach the legs easily using a screwdriver.

Please note that every piece is unique and can vary a bit. The table top can be a bit rough and have little bubbles on its surface.

Approx. dimensions: length: 49 cm, depth: 30 cm, height: 52 cm

Country of Origin:
Made with::
Sheet Press Machine
Source of Plastic:
Consumer waste
Type of plastic

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Czech Republic:
  • Prague
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Wonderful table, fast shipping.
We love our sparkling table from plastlo! It was easy to assemble and beautifully packaged. It is a real eyecatcher in our home! We use it at coffee table, plant spot, laptop stand and just as decorative item. Thank you a lot for this really precious piece :)
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Freckled Black Side Table

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