The Delta can be used both as a stool or a side table. This versatile product is 3D-printed by vanPlestik. They built their own 3D-printers, especially designed to be able to recycle plastic waste into new products. The Delta is made from old refrigerators and other household electronics. This stool shows that it is possible to make durable, valuable products out of plastic waste.

This design is the result of a collaboration between vanPlestik and Studio Voronoi. They designed this stool/side table with distinctive shadows and geometrical shapes. Walk around it and you will see that it looks different from every angle. As a stool or side table, everyone uses the Delta in their own way!

At vanPlestik, every product is made to order. In this way, we don’t produce any excess stock, and the product is made especially for you. Since we still need to print the product after you place your order, the delivery time of our products is 4-6 weeks.

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Extruder Machine
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Mixed Sources
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Delta - 3D printed stool by vanPlestik

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